did you hear that??? psst pssst psssst he said psst OH MY! rumours abound!

        Well things went well today! I have shrunk by 7 1/2″!!! That made me smile. Down .4lbs and that was good too, but the inches really made a difference for me! YAY ME! I also had a good day food wise and was able to take some of the pasta of my plate and […]

Tuesday Tuesday..So good to me (ba-da ba-da-da-da)

     Hahaha so goes the song…Monday Monday. but still, while Monday’s weigh in disappointed me, Tuesday was better. I am not sure why I was up on Monday, but that is how the weighing in every day goes. Some days you may be up and some down. Today I am down! 1 full week into […]

Leave some on the plate…

            I read that on the “rounds” food blog. I thought sure, easy to say, hard to do..Then I proceeded to  warm up one of the meals I prepared yesterday for the next few days..As I was eating it, closing my eyes to enjoy all the flavors, to not inhale the meal so to speak, […]

Day 5 & feeling ‘F I N E”!!!!

   Yes indeed, day 5 of my taking my head out of the sand and I am feeling FINE! I have been using a few net places to help keep online.. FIT DAY to track what I eat as well as what I write in my HM journal. I have been keeping under 2000 calories..Eventually it […]