Dance Away the Fat: How to Lose 10 Pounds by Having Fun

One episode of one of those weekly reality TV dance shows, or one visit to the ballet could be enough to motivate you to lose 10 pounds by joining the ranks of the sleek and slim dancers. Those lean physiques are no doubt a result of many hours of bootie-shaking. This is some real cardio that anyone could benefit from. Sure beats droning away on a machine!

What Do You Need to Do to Drop 10 Pounds?

A pound of fat is equal to 3500 calories. So, to lose 1 pound a week, you need to cut 500 calories per day. Exercise is your best bet to drop calories. Dancing for 50 minutes — the length of a typical class at your gym, a studio or even on a video — can burn about 300 calories an average sized woman. All that while having fun!

So, don’t expect to drop weight in no time flat. Diets that say that you can may not be incorrect, but you’ll likely be losing all water weight, lean muscle mass, and will probably gain it back faster than if you put exercise in place. That said, you are at an advantage, since dancing is an amazing form of exercise. Aim to get some dancing in on most days of the week, and you’ll be burning enough calories in no time to lose 1-2 lbs per week. 

Gym-Based Classes

At any gym, you can find a number of dance based classes that will suit you. Cardio Kickboxing, despite the name is usually highly choreographed, challenging your brain and your body for the hour. You’ll also find classes that are billed as dance, such as Zumba or Aerobics.

Studio Dance

Studio classes are even dancier, and range in styles. Salsa lessons will keep your heart pumping and your hips shaking. Hula, though it seems as though it would be easy, works your hips and legs more that you can imagine, toning and burning as you go. Even pole-fitness classes or cardio strip tease classes will torch calories, and no doubt be fun!

Go for a more traditional ballet, tap or jazz class, and you’ll get the burning and toning benefits that dancers have. These tend to help you feel connected because you are in class with the same group on a weekly basis, studying a form of dance that appeals to you musically or based on the style.

Free Style

Buy a video or just crank the tunes and get your bootie shaking! Kids love to dance, so if you have your own, you’ll feel less silly jumping around your living room if it’s a family thing. Better yet, call the ladies and have girls night at a local dance club where you’ll sweat out some serious calories in your favorite heels. Just be sure you don’t undo the good that you’ve done by guzzling calorie-bomb drinks.

One of these jazzy combos, plus a little portion control, and you’ll be melting the pounds in no time.


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