Control Diabetes with Stevia

There is one new alternative for diabetics to use to still enjoy their favorite sweets, and this is Stevia. Diabetes is a growing concern around the world. More and more people are being diagnosed with diabetes. Diabetes and obesity tend to run hand in hand. However, even those people with diabetes do not want to give up their sweets. 

What Is Stevia?

Stevia is a low-carb, all natural sweetener that is derived from a shrub in South America. Stevia contains no harmful chemicals. Stevia tastes just like real sugar and is sweeter than the artificial sweeteners out on the market. Stevia should be used sparingly, as it actually tastes sweeter than real sugar and people tend to think it will not be as sweet. Stevia is a healthier alternative to other sweeteners because it contains a zero glycemic index and contains no calories.

What Benefits Does Stevia Offer?

Stevia stimulates the release of insulin and can normalize the response of glucose in the body. Stevia is currently being recommended for diabetic sufferers, especially those with type two diabetes. Stevia is also being recommended for the treatment of hyperglycemia. There are also studies that prove Stevia lowers blood pressure and improves the muscle tone and health of the heart.

Is Stevia for Everyone?

Stevia is not recommended for everyone. Pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers should not take Stevia in any form because it is considered an herbal product without discussing it first with a doctor. There are also some medications that could have an interaction with Stevia, so before trying Stevia, you should discuss it with your doctor. A doctor can look at your medications and decide if Stevia will interact with your current medications. Some medications are okay, but be sure to check first.

Where Can You Get Stevia?

Stevia has not been approved by the FDA yet as an artificial sweetener, so the only place to buy Stevia is at a health food store. Stevia comes as a dietary supplement in these stores.

Why Stevia instead of Other Artificial Sweeteners?

Stevia does not contain the harmful chemicals as the other artificial sweeteners do that are on the market. The other artificial sweeteners also contain artificial ingredients, where Stevia does not. Any artificial sweetener is better for a diabetic than sugar, but the benefits of Stevia far outweigh any benefits of the other brands.

Diabetes and Stevia

Stevia has little or no effect on blood glucose, so it is great for the diabetic community. Diabetics can use Stevia as an artificial sweetener in their favorite sweets without changing the taste of it. By substituting sugar with Stevia, they can enjoy those foods without any side effects or consequences from their diabetes.


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