Bread for Life Diet Pros and Cons

The Bread For Life diet was created by Olga Raz. This diet is based on the notion that if dieters eat large amounts of bread on a daily basis then they will be able to reduce their overall cravings. Olga Raz believes that eating a high carbohydrate diet can help people lose up to 20 pounds in only eight weeks. The medical basis behind Raz’s diet is that carbohydrates increase serotonin levels in the brain, which should reduce cravings for sweets and decrease the appetite.

Pro: Eating Lots of Bread

 This diet is a good option for individuals who have struggled on low carbohydrate diets or have difficulties eliminating high carbohydrate foods from their diet. If you enjoy bread or believe that your body will do well on a high carbohydrate diet, then the Bread For Life may be appealing.

Con: Not All Breads Are Recommended

Unfortunately, this diet does not give you permission to go crazy with the bread basket. Raz recommends eating only light or low calorie bread. That means bread that is only 35 to 45 calories per slice. Heavier breads, such as ones with nuts or dried fruit are not forbidden, but they are not recommended for daily consumption on the Bread For Life diet.

Con: Restricted Protein Intake

Individuals on the Bread For Life diet will only be allowed protein, such as meat, chicken or fish, three times a week. At these three meals, dieters can choose from low-fat meats and are advised to avoid deli meat. In addition to these three meals, dieters can have 3 to 4 eggs per week.

Pro: Unlimited Vegetables

On the Bread For Life diet, individuals are allowed unlimited servings of lettuce, tomato, carrots, sprouts and cucumbers. These are all foods with high fiber contents and are low in sugar.

Con: Many Foods Are Off Limits

For a diet that is based around eating breads, many foods that most people use to make a sandwich are off limits on the Bread For Life Diet. Items such as butter, jam, mayonnaise, preserves and margarine are off limits.

Pro: Hearty Fillings Allowed

Raz recommends several enjoyable and hearty sandwich fillings for the Bread For Life diet. Dieters can use hummus, tofu, avocado, tofu, salmon, chicken or turkey breast or low-fat cheese to create the ultimate sandwich. Additional toppings allowed include tahini, peanut butter, mustard and sugar-free jelly.

Con: Fruit is Limited

According to Raz, the high glycemic nature of most fruits will raise blood glucose and will negatively affect weight loss. Fruit is only allowed in very limited moderation on the Bread For Life diet.

Con: Unsure Outcome

While Raz bases this diet upon the belief that increased serotonin levels will reduce cravings and therefore will lead to weight loss, this science is not proven. Certain individuals actually experience weight gain and increased appetite on a diet that is high in carbohydrates.



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