Bosu Exercises: Single Leg Crunch on Bosu

The bosu is an excellent tool to use to help develop your workout routine into a more difficult and advanced level procedure. Designed like the top portion of an exercise ball that has been cut off and attached to a fixed, flat base, the bosu helps to provide an element of balance challenge to virtually any exercise.

One great exercise to do on the bosu if you’re looking for a way to build up your core muscles is the single leg crunch. Alone, the single leg crunch is a moderate exercise that requires some leg strength and a fair bit of core strength. When you incorporate the bosu into it, it becomes a bit more advanced, as you’ll have to challenge your balance as well in order to achieve the exercise successfully.

1. Exercise Basics

The basic position of the exercise requires that you lie on your back with your mid-back resting on the soft part of the bosu. This helps to facilitate your core muscles so that you can better execute the exercise. Place the bosu on a flat, open surface and lie down with your feet away from it. Your middle to upper back should be resting against the bosu such that your buttocks are still resting on the floor. The resting position for this exercise requires that you lift one leg up into the air. Keep it as straight as possible without locking your knees. Hold your hands underneath your buttocks for additional support, if necessary.

To execute the exercise, you’ll need to lean forward from the bosu and reach toward your raised leg. Many people find that it’s a good idea to keep their hands free so that they can reach up toward the extended leg. Slowly lower yourself back down to the resting position in order to complete one repetition of this exercise.

2. Safety and Injury Prevention

The best way to ensure that you remain free of injury as you’re doing this exercise is to practice it before you use the bosu. This way, you’ll be sure that you can execute the exercise properly and without worrying about falling off of the bosu as you do it. Additionally, it’s important to continue to breathe regularly and deeply as you exercise. You’ll also want to stretch out your legs and core muscles both before and after you complete the exercise to prevent any muscle strain or pulled muscles as well.

3. Modifications

There are a few modifications that you can do to the single leg crunch on a bosu in order to make it more difficult. You can add a second bosu in to rest your other leg on, thereby making the balance part of the exercise even more difficult. It’s also a good idea to put both legs up in the air and alternate between them as you go. This will ensure that you work out your legs evenly and that you get the full benefits of the exercise.


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