Bosu Exercises: Explosive Plank Ups

The bosu ball plank up is a challenging activity that works a variety of muscle groups and contributes to greater poise and core strength. There are a lot of subtle variations on this exercise, and learning more about how it is done will help you choose the activities that fit your skill levels.

The Basic Plank Up

Doing the basic plank up is fairly simple.

  • Start out by kneeling on the floor.
  • Spread your legs out behind you, close together, and support your upper body with your arms bent like you would in a push up.
  • Raise your legs up by pushing with your toes so that the heels of your feet are off of the ground.
  • Maintain your raised position for several seconds or up to a minute, keeping your body straight. You will feel the core challenge as your muscles struggle to preserve the position through your limbs and upper body.
  • Lower yourself back down to a lying position.

Adding the Bosu Ball

The bosu ball is a fitness tool used for a range of activities. It has a flat hard side and a round inflated side.

When you add the bosu ball to this exercise, you have several options. Perhaps the most common bosu plank up involves putting the ball under your chest, flat side down, so that your arms are pushing against an inflated, unstable surface during the plank up. As an alternative, you can put the bosu ball under your feet instead. A double bosu ball plank up involves using two bosu balls, again, with the rounded plastic side up, in order to create an even greater balance challenge.

Explosive Bosu Ball Plank Ups

The explosive plank up is a very advanced activity. It’s not something you should do without preparation and training. That’s because these dynamic exercises, sometimes called “plyometrics,” use the weight of the body in an aggressive way that, if done improperly, can hurt joints, bones or muscles.

To make the plank up an explosive activity, go from the starting position to the raised position as quickly as possible, “throwing” your arms up rapidly and actively maintaining the “up” position. Some trainers who do the explosive plank up will start with the arms on the ground, push their upper body up into the air, and “land” their arms on the bosu ball. This requires confident handling of your entire body weight, and again, it is an advanced and uniquely challenging exercise. Beginners and those with various fitness challenges are better served by other exercises that include less risk of injury.

Avoiding Injury on the Explosive Plank Up

The key to staying safe with these activities is to always protect the joints. When you push up explosively, you are vulnerable to wrist problems like tendonitis from the extreme pressure that meets your arms as you fall back down against the floor or bosu ball surface. Always use controlled motions, and react quickly to the challenges of explosive action.



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