Bosu Exercises: Double Bosu Push Up

The double bosu push up is an advanced exercise that uses multiple fitness tools to challenge the body in more extreme ways than the classic “push up” that it is based on. Learning more about the bosu push up can help you find out if this is the right kind of activity for your fitness plan.

What is a Bosu Ball?

In order to understand the bosu push up, you have to know what a bosu ball is. The bosu ball is a plastic “half ball” with an inflatable rounded top and a flat bottom. When you put the bosu ball on the ground and balance yourself on top of it, you’re getting the balance challenge of a stability or exercise ball without the possibility of the ball rolling away. With new kinds of adapted exercises, the bosu ball provides a specific option for a stability challenge.

Doing the Double Bosu Push Up

  • To do the bosu push up, start with two bosu balls at opposite ends of your body. You’ll be facing the floor, just like in a classic push up, but instead of pushing against the floor, you’ll be pushing against the surfaces of the bosu balls. Both balls should be flat side down, so that you challenge your sense of balance by interacting with the round inflated surfaces.
  • Position one of the bosu balls under your feet.
  • Position the second bosu ball under your chest.
  • Support your upper body with your arms, and get both of your arms up onto the bosu ball surface. You’ll feel how being balanced on two bosu balls challenges your sense of balance.
  • Slowly push up with your arms just as you would in a simple push up. You’ll feel how your core muscles engage as your body struggles to maintain balance, while the push up motion works your arms.
  • Lower yourself back down, but keep supporting your body with your arms on the bosu ball.

Muscles Worked with the Push Up

One of the fitness benefits of the bosu push up is that you not only work your arms, as you would with a classic push up, but you also get your core muscles and stabilizers involved. This includes your “abs” or abdominal muscles, as well as some of the muscle groups that support your spine. You’ll probably be able to feel a lot of these muscles at work while you struggle to maintain balance while pushing yourself up on these unstable surfaces.

Variations of the Exercise

There are variations of the bosu push up in which you use only one bosu ball or stability ball for less of a balance challenge. The bosu push up is considered one of the more advanced forms of the push up activity, and beginners may want to work up to a full “double bosu” slowly.

Avoiding Injury

In order to avoid injury, always make sure that you are comfortable with the balance challenges that you have selected. With one of these exercises, the main risk of injury is losing contact with the bosu ball surface and falling. Always be sure to use appropriate slow and controlled motions.



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