Bench Exercises: Four Point Superman on Bench

If you are looking at bench exercises to amp up your fitness routine, you might want to consider the four point Superman activity. Doing sets of this exercise challenges the core and promotes better balance and overall strength.

Doing the Four Point Superman on the Bench

There are a number of ways to pursue this exercise. Generally, those who do the four point Superman on a bench use the method of extending opposing limbs simultaneously.

Start with your arms on the bench and your feet on the floor. Then extend one leg into the air behind you while extending the opposing arm forward off the bench. This will make you look like one half of your body is “flying” in the classic Superman position. Bring your limbs back to the original position, then extend the opposing side of limbs, and bring them back to their original position. This is one repetition of the four point Superman exercise.

Other Ways to Do the Four Point Superman

In addition to the bench exercise, some individuals do the four point Superman exercise on the floor. For this variation, kneel on the ground on all fours and extend opposing limbs up into the air the same way as in the bench exercise.

Another variation uses the BOSU balance ball. For this exercise, the trainer might not extend opposing limbs, but instead, rest his or her stomach on the ball with their legs extended and the feet touching the ground. In this position, extend your arms forward into the air, then raise and lower your upper body for one repetition.

Muscles Worked with the Four Point Superman

The four point Superman activity provides a little bit of work for your limbs, but it works your core muscles even more by creating a balance challenge. While your limbs are extended, muscles from your hips to your chest work to keep you balanced, and this is one of the primary values of these kinds of low resistance activities, where gravity actually provides the resistance challenge.

Safety with the Four Point Superman

This exercise is safer than those that include heavy weight loads. To do this exercise safely, don’t over extend yourself, but use slow, controlled motions to effectively complete repetitions. It’s also a good idea to stop when you feel your muscles reaching their maximum output.

The four point Superman is just one of many ways to get a good workout without relying on large free weights or fixed weight machines. Using your body’s inherent structure to work out is appealing to a lot of people who don’t feel ready to deal with heavy weights, or alternately, those who want to train muscles instead of pursuing intense cardio challenges. Your trainer will probably tell you that the best strategy for overall fitness is to pursue two different fitness schedules for cardio exercise and muscle building or toning. Use exercises like the four point Superman for the muscle side of your workout, and you’ll feel how increased core strength can help you in much of what you typically do throughout the day.


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