Apple Shaped? 5 Best Features to Accentuate

Many of us are apple shaped: we carry extra weight around our midsection, and our limbs are thin in comparison. Genetics can create apple shaped bodies, but as we age, most of us tend to pack on some pounds in our middle region. Obviously, most apple shapes prefer to de-emphasize their tummies, but what features should apples attempt to play up? There are several …

1. Chest

Apples usually have ample chests, and as an apple, this can work to your advantage when trying to dress fashionably. Choose shirts that show a bit of cleavage and cling to your curves before cinching just below the bust and then flowing out for the lower section. This flowing fabric will cover and camouflage any extra weight in the tummy area.

Apple shapes look great in tops that draw the eye to the chest: scoop necks and V-necks are great, as are shirts with sequins and other prints and visual entrance around the neckline. Choose tops that will draw the eyes upward to your chest and away from your midsection.

2. Legs

Most apples have great legs. Your more ample midsection creates a thinner look for your legs, so take advantage by wearing skirts that show them off. Choose styles that hit at or just above the knee. A-line skirts are a good choice: they flare out, helping camouflage your hips while also emphasizing your legs.

Have fun with colorful tights, boots, fancy shoes, and other fun items for your feet and legs. Choosing shoes with elongated or slightly pointed toes can visually lengthen your legs even more. Legs are a great feature for you: show them off!

When choosing pants, boot-cut or flared legs are good for apple shapes. Although you may want to show off your thin legs with skinny pants, don’t. They will just make the contrast between your legs and body greater.

3. Bottom

Derierre, butt, whatever you want to call it, apple shapes often have flat or proportionally smaller bottoms. Take advantage of this by purchasing pants with larger or decorated back pockets. This creates another area of visual interest and again draws the eye away from your midsection.

4. Arms

The thinking with arms is similar to that of legs: apple shapes’ larger midsections create the look of long, lean limbs. Show off those arms with sleeveless tops or tops with clingy, fitted fabrics to hug your arms and play them up. If you have good shoulders, try halter tops and sleeveless tops and dresses as well. Remember, it’s all about drawing attention to your best assets.

5. Face

Your very best feature is no doubt your smiling face. Choose clothing that will direct the eye upward: decorated necklines are good for apple shapes. Additionally, take advantage of chunky or otherwise unusual necklaces and earrings. These will create visual interest around your face and away from a midsection you’d like to de-emphasize.

Armed with knowledge, you are ready to go shopping for clothes that will emphasize your best features and create a fabulous look.


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