6 Refreshing Drinks for the Raw Food Diet

If you’re considering the raw food diet, you may wonder what kinds of beverages are allowed. There are many beverages that are cooked or processed and are to be avoided on such a diet. However, you might be surprised with how many different types of beverages the raw food diet allows.

Beverage #1: Water

Water is about the purest beverage you can drink, and highly recommended for the raw food diet. When choosing water to drink on the raw food diet, it is best to go for water that has been purified. Avoid tap water whenever you can. Bottled waters are not necessarily purified enough, so you may want to invest in a water filter to purify your own drinking water.

Beverage #2: Fruit Juice

While water is a wonderful choice for the raw food diet, and should be drunk as often as possible, sometimes you need something with a little more flavor. Fruit juice is an excellent choice for the raw food diet. However, there are a few things to consider when drinking fruit juice. First, many fruit juices don’t contain the pulp, which contains most of the nutrients of the fruit. Always choose fruit juice with pulp over fruit juice without it.

Secondly, bottled juices usually contain additives and preservatives that you are trying to avoid on the raw food diet. The best fruit juices are those you squeeze yourself.

Finally, fruit juices contain high amounts of sugar. Drinking too much fruit juice can raise your blood sugar levels. If you drink fruit juices on the raw food diet, always drink them in moderation.

Beverage #3: Vegetable Juices

Vegetable juices offer many of the benefits of fruit juices with few of the disadvantages. Like fruit juices, it is best if you juice the vegetables yourself. One disadvantage of vegetable juices is that they are not quite as flavorful as fruit juices. One solution to this problem is to make mixed juices, containing both fruits and vegetables.

In addition, you will want to avoid bottled or canned vegetable juices because often these are processed at temperatures higher than allowed on the raw food diet. They sometimes also have additives or preservatives that are not allowed in that diet.

Beverage #4: Sun Tea

Most tea is not allowed on the raw food diet because you need to prepare it at temperatures that are higher than allowed. However, you can brew tea by adding it to water and leaving it out in the sun. This heats it naturally at a temperature that is far lower than what’s allowed on the raw food diet.

Beverage #5: Smoothies

Like juices, smoothies are an excellent choice for the raw food diet. They help you to consume fruits and vegetables and all the nutrients they provide. Unlike fruit juices, smoothies use the entire fruit and therefore haven’t lost any nutrients. Like juices, however, it is best to make your own smoothies.

Beverage #6: Organic Wine

While most alcohol is not allowed on the raw food diet, organic wine is prepared in such a manor that it can be included in the raw food diet.


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