4,000 Dieters Share the BEST Weight Loss Diets!

All diets work, if you stick to them. Most successful dieters tell us that they lost weight and kept it off by doing their own thing. They learned from personal experience, and devised a personal plan they could live with. Other dieters do best when they follow a structured diet which they can learn from, and that does not leave room for error. Which diet is easiest to stick to, results in successful weight loss, and generates the fewest complaints? We are conducting an ongoing diet survey to gather real life opinions of popular and fad diets. Some of the results have been surprising! If you are considering a new diet, the results of our survey may help you make your choice. Approximately 4,000 dieters shared the following information!

The BEST weight loss diet is Weight Watchers!
According to our survey, most Weight Watchers members are successful with this plan and do not leave it to try other plans. Weight Watchers members usually stay on plan until they reach goal, and follow Weight Watchers advice for maintenance. They find it easy to stick to and are happier with this plan than other plans they have tried in the past.

The South Beach Diet came in a close second! Our South Beach dieters are generally happy with the plan, and find it easy to stick to. They feel healthier and consider this a balanced diet that they can follow for life. Those that quit South Beach usually do so during Phase 1, or during the first month. These dieters find the plan harder to stick to long term. Of those that do quit South Beach, most leave for Weight Watchers.

The Atkins Plan came in a distant third place. Only a small percentage felt they were successful with Atkins and were able to stick with it. However, those that do stick with Atkins stay on it long term and do lose a lot of weight. Those that leave Atkins do so because they either feel it is unhealthy, or they find it too restrictive and difficult to follow. Most dieters that leave Atkins either go to South Beach or join Weight Watchers.

Diets that failed to make the grade: Curves, and LA Weight Loss. The most common complaint about Curves was that the program quickly became boring, and they did not lose weight. These dieters generally gave up dieting and did not try another diet plan. The Curves dieters that were pleased with the plan still found the program boring after the first three months, and left Curves to join a regular gym and a different diet plan. Our LA Weight Loss dieters felt the program was too expensive, and they did not receive professional counseling. The dieters from this group had the most negative things to say about the program, than any of our other diets. These complaints ranged from the expense, food restrictions, poor counseling, and high pressure sales tactics. The small number of satisfied LA Weight Loss dieters were very happy with the plan, thought it was balanced, and felt they would succeed in their weight loss goals.

Crazy Notions
We asked participants what the craziest diet they ever tried was. This was a blank field, we did not offer suggestions. The top five answers were:

1. Cabbage Soup Diet
2. Starvation or very low calorie diets
3. Atkins
4. Vinegar Diet
5. A strange food combination diet they made up

How do YOU choose a diet? The best diet is the one you will actually stick to. When choosing a diet, don’t just jump on the bandwagon of the latest popular diet. Just because someone else lost weight on it, doesn’t mean it’s the best diet for you, or that it’s even healthy.

Review the literature or read the books, then review the following important considerations.

  • Do you enjoy the food offered with the plan? If not, you are much less likely to be successful.
  • Can you manage this plan while feeding your family, or lunches at work?
  • Is it affordable?
  • Have you been diagnosed with a health problem such as diabetes or insulin resistance, that restricts your food choices, and makes this a good diet for you?
  • Does the diet appear balanced and healthy?
  • Can you follow this style of eating for the rest of your life?
  • Does the plan include exercise as an equally important part of the weight loss process?
  • Will your doctor approve when you tell her what diet you wish to follow?

Above all else, make sure you have a solid support system lined up. If you do not live alone, your house mates or family members need to respect your decision to become healthier, and support your choices. Join an online support group, such as those on 3fatchicks.com, to make sure you have someone available at all hours, to encourage your progress and offer tips to help you become successful in long term weight loss. Losing the weight is only part of the process. Maintaining your weight loss can be more difficult than losing it in the first place. Learn about maintenance NOW, so you’ll be prepared when you cross that bridge. Our Maintenance Forum offers helpful ideas which can be applied at any time during your weight loss or maintenance period. Remember, the goal is not just to lose the weight, but to become healthy and keep the weight off!


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