4 Available Options to Tighten Loose Skin after Weight Loss

After weight loss, looking for ways to tighten loose skin is a common next step. Having loose skin on areas such as your arms, thighs, abdomen and neck is virtually unavoidable when losing a significant amount of weight. However, instead of getting downhearted about the loose skin, applaud yourself for the lost weight and look for solutions to tighten your skin. Unlike the weight loss itself, however, only limited results can be achieved by yourself when it comes to tightening skin, unless the loose skin is fairly minor.

1. Exercise

Chances are, you’ve become accustomed to an exercise routine while losing weight, and after you’ve met your weight loss goal is no time to stop. In fact, if you fail to keep up a healthy diet and exercise plan, you’re likely to gain weight. One positive benefit of continued exercise is that it’s often able to smooth and tighten loose skin, particularly if you include frequent repetitions of exercises targeting the areas with your loose skin: the thighs, the arms, the abdomen, etc. However, do be aware that exercise alone may not be enough, especially if your loose skin is substantial.

2. Massage the Skin with Collagen Cream

Collagen is the skin cell-producing compound that’s responsible for smooth, tight skin. As we age, we produce far less of it. Sudden weight loss can also cause the skin to fail to produce enough collagen to keep the skin’s elasticity. By applying a collagen cream regularly, you can help increase the collagen production in your skin, but be aware that it will take several weeks to months before you see results. The massaging action can also help stimulate the skin and the muscles to contribute to tighter skin over time.

3. Bi-Polar Radio Frequency

A non-invasive cosmetic treatment to tighten loose skin is a tool that emits bi-polar radio frequency and light, usually called VelaSmooth or ReFirme, depending on the area of the body where you want to tighten loose skin. These treatments tend to take between one to two sessions per week for a total of six to eight weeks and will require maintenance visits once every six to eight weeks thereafter. It can produce better results faster than exercise alone (but works best hand-in-hand with exercise), particularly if the skin is quite loose, but may not work if the loose skin is excessive.

4. Surgery

Surgery is the most invasive method available to tighten loose skin, but it’s also the most effective and fastest way to get results. Nevertheless, the risks are high and surgery is generally not worth the risks, recovery time and financial investment if your loose skin isn’t excessive. However, if your skin droops quite excessively, surgery is your only option to completely eliminate the excess. If you opt for surgery, your surgeon will literally remove the excess skin, tightening the remaining skin to fill in the gap. However, you will be bedridden for at least a week after the surgery and will have to keep physical activity to a minimum for up to three weeks. The recovery can be quite painful as well.


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