3 Tips to Make Sure You Burn Fat Not Muscle

To burn fat and not muscle mass is a tricky thing. It’s all a balancing act between how much you eat, how much you work out, and how often you do both. It isn’t the easiest thing to accomplish. But, once you get the hang of it, you will be succeeding in no time. Follow these tips to help you make sure you burn fat, not muscle.

Tip1: Eat Eat Eat!

Do you have to eat more food to burn fat? Yes, you do. The reason is simple. Everyone knows that if you eat little, and workout a lot, you lose weight. The thing is, muscle is part of weight too. If you are burning more calories than you are putting into your body, then your body must sustain itself somehow. After the entire caloric intake is gone, your body will go your stored fat to burn energy. After your stored fat cells are used up, your muscle is the next to be used.

Make sure that you eat a good amount so that this doesn’t happen to you. You should also make sure that you are eating on a regular basis. If you are not sure how much you should be eating with a workout program, consult your physician or dietician for accurate information about how many calories you should have per day (because everyone has different needs).

Tip 2: Step Away from the Treadmill

Depending on what you want to do, the treadmill can be your best friend, but it has really changed over the years. When you are concerned with keeping your muscle, the relationship that you have with cardio is different than when you just want to burn fat. You have to fine tune your cardio workouts so that you are not doing too much, too often. This will result in burning muscle. You also have to make sure you incorporate a strength training regimen into your workout, as this is just as important as cardio. Assuming that you are eating properly, and doing solid cardio moderately, you should do just fine.

Tip 3: Get a Good Stretch

Granted, stretching is not the most exciting part of your work out, but it really is quite necessary. Studies have proven that not only does stretching reduce the chance of you injuring yourself while working out, but it also improves your muscle range. Stretching your muscles also aids in muscle recovery. This means that you can get back to building up your muscles in a shorter amount of time. It is also much safer; if you do not stretch, you have an exponentially higher chance of injuring yourself, which will inevitably take you out of the gym for some time.

Also, believe it or not, stretching exercises also help you to firm and tone while you burn fat. So stretching properly and regularly is a win-win, no matter how boring it may be.


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