3 Leg Toning Exercises for Tightening Skin after Weight Loss

Tightening skin after extreme weight loss can be achieved by incorporating a few simple exercises into your daily workout routine. The results can be even more effective by making a couple of additional dietary choices. As your skin has a life cycle of around six months, it will most likely take a while to catch up with your new body shape. You can help the process along by ensuring that you drink plenty of water, which is essential in maintaining the elasticity of the skin at the most basic level. Also, try to include more omega-3 fatty acids into your diet by eating nuts, oily fish and cooking with olive oil. Here are a few exercises that will work as well:

1. Squats

This is one of the most effective exercises you can do that works nearly the whole body in one move. It puts a lot of stress on your muscles and is great for toning every part of the legs and butt.

Begin by standing with your legs shoulder with apart, feet flat on the ground and your arms straight out in front of you. Slowly squat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor, hold for a few seconds and return to the standing position. Do not lock your knees at the top of this move, and do not squat lower than parallel to the floor as this can place a lot of stress on the knees. Repeat the squat 10-15 times, take a rest for 30 seconds and repeat for 4 sets if you can.  

As you become stronger and more toned, add resistance to the move by holding a pair of dumbbells or another form of weight in your hands while squatting.

2. Lunges

Another great exercise that requires no equipment can be performed anywhere and is very effective at toning the lower body.  

Standing straight with the legs together and hands on hips, take a large step forward with your right leg until your right thigh is parallel to the floor. Keeping your back straight, hold for a couple of seconds before pushing yourself back to the starting position. Repeat with the left leg and try to complete 10-15 repetitions in a set. Aim for 4 sets if you are starting out, but listen to your body and don’t push yourself too far at the beginning as these moves can be exhausting. Be careful not to step to far with this exercise as you may place too much stress on the knee or groin. 

3. Thigh Raises

This exercise requires minimal equipment. Simply lie on your right side, propping your head up with your hand and your legs straight out.  Without bending your knees, slowly raise the left leg up as high as you can, pause, and slowly lower back down. Repeat for 20 reps before changing to your other side and working the opposite leg.  

You can add more resistance to this exercise by attaching ankle weights. This may not seem like a difficult move, but you will certainly feel it and see the benefits.


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