3 Healthy Alternatives to Diet Soda

There are many different options out there when we are choosing drinks, and diet soda is one of them. Diet soda, as great as it tastes and the appeal of the no calories, is not the best drink out there for you. Studies have been done that show the negative effects of diet soda, such as weight gain and food cravings. There are healthy alternatives out there that are much better for you than diet soda.

1. Fruit Juices and Vegetable Juices

Fruit and vegetable juices are a great alternative to diet soda. The juices made from the actual fruit or vegetable are the best. The ones not made 100% from the fruit or vegetable have additional sugars to enhance the taste. Being fresh makes the drink easier to digest, and then your body can better use the nutrients. All fruits and vegetables contain some sort of nutrients, such as antioxidants and essential minerals. Just be sure to choose the natural juices, or if you own a juicer, make your own juice with a variety of fresh produce.

2. Water

Water is one of the most basic and pure things on Earth. It can be found just about anywhere and the health benefits are wonderful.  Research says that you should drink at least eight glasses of water a day to stay hydrated and to stay healthy. Water helps to boost metabolism and helps with losing and keeping weight off. This is the exact opposite affect that diet soda has.

Water works as a natural appetite suppressant and helps the body to metabolize stored fat. For the muscles to work properly, they need the correct amount of water. Having the proper amount of water in the system will also keep the body hydrated and avoid dehydration.  Water is also great at riding your body of the things it does not need. This could be excess water and salt that could cause swelling.  Any fat that has been metabolized also needs to be gotten rid of or the weight loss process will be much slower. If you find water to be bland and boring, add a slice of lemon or lime to give it some flavor.

3. Tea

Tea is a great alternative to diet soda because tea is full of antioxidants. These help the free radicals that are in your body from doing harm. Many studies have been done on tea and the results and many positive results have been seen. Tea has been shown to combat many illnesses and diseases such as leukemia and Alzheimers. Your cholesterol and blood pressure may also be lowered by consuming tea. There are three different types of teas–green, black and oolong–and each has their own distinct taste. Just make sure you brew your own tea, as many bottled varieties contain added sugars.

Even though diet soda does taste great and has no calories, it is not the best drink out there for you to be consuming. By switching out diet soda for a healthy alternative, you will add more healthful benefits into your daily diet.


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