3 False Claims of Fitness Stretch Bands

You’ve seen the ads on TV for those stretch bands. They all promise amazing results, in an amazingly short time frame. Of course, if they told you the absolute and complete truth during those infomercials, they wouldn’t sell anything. Some of the claims they make are true: resistance training can be an excellent part of any strength and conditioning exercise routine. But, it can never take the place of a full and well balanced exercise routine. Here are some false claims of fitness stretch bands:

1. Proper Deep Breathing Can Cause You to Lose Weight

This is a combination deep breathing and resistance training system that used to promise that you could lose between four and 14 inches within the first week or so. The key word there is used to, because recently the Federal Trade Commission sued the manufacturer and promoter of this product for false advertising and ordered a consumer refund program be instituted immediately.

Not only was this company making false claims, but they were selling a dangerous product which has since been recalled. The stretch bands had a habit of rolling off the user’s feet during exercises and slapping the user in the face. They also sometimes pulled out of the holes in the plastic bar, also causing facial injury to users.

2. Uneven Resistance Curves Cause Inadequate Results

Some of the full gym systems that use stretch bands to give resistance don’t provide a gentle and balanced resistance over the whole motion of the exercise. This is especially true with weight lifting systems or machines using these stretch bands. The makers and promoters of these systems say that their system is the best for promoting lean muscle mass or just for toning your body. These systems might be great for the person with limited space to be able to perform a wide variety of exercises and lifting routines, but in the long run, they’re not going to get the exact results promised by the talking heads in the infomercials.

3. Immediate Results Proven

No matter what stretch band based system is being discussed, the infomercials all claim you’ll see amazing results within a few weeks. This is patently untrue. For your body to lose the amount of weight these promoters claim, in the time spans claimed, would be dangerous for your health and, if you were significantly overweight to begin with, you’d have significant amount of excess skin where you lost the weight because your body can’t adjust that fast to weight loss. Doctors have proven that people that people that lose weight in the fashion claimed in the infomercials can lose more than just weight. Weight loss of the types promised can cause significant adverse affects to your mental state, and will normally be gained back as soon as your mood and personality return to normal.

Stretch band based exercise routines are great for developing muscle elasticity and endurance prior to a serious weight training program, but they won’t be able to deliver on the overhyped promises you hear and see on TV.


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