3 Dangers of Aspartame

The dangers of aspartame are numerous and should be researched before you decide whether aspartame should be your artificial sweetener of choice.  Although aspartame is approved by the Food and Drug Administration, it does carry some side effects.

Weight Gain

Aspartame is made by changing the make up of regular sugar.  Three hydrogen-oxygen groups in sugar are replaced by three chlorine atoms.  The chlorine makes the sugar molecule inactive so it will pass straight through the body without ever being metabolized.  Over time, this may change the chemical make up of the brain.  The brain may no longer recognize anything sweet so those calories will go uncounted and may cause you to overeat. 

Brain Tumors and Cancer

DKP is a byproduct of aspartame.  This is a product that is found in cases of brain cancer.  Studies have been done to see the effects of aspartame on lab rats.  A two-year study was done on 320 rats.  These rats were fed a regular diet that included aspartame.  Different amounts of aspartame were fed to these rats.  Twelve of them developed brain tumors.  Of the 12, five were fed low doses of aspartame.  A toxicologist has even testified before Congress stating that aspartame has the ability to cause cancer and brain tumors.  His proof were the studies done on lab rats. 


Aspartame is also approved by the ADA or the American Diabetes Association.  Even though it has been approved, studies have been done to see the effects it may have on diabetics or people who are at risk for developing diabetes. The body is not recognizing the sweetness that is being consumed so it can’t adequately fight it.  This will effect insulin doses because one can’t properly judge what is in the body when it is not recognized.  Because of this, a diabetic condition can be made worse.  It was also found that people who are at risk for developing diabetes increase their risk factor by consuming aspartame.

Even though aspartame is an approved product, it does have some serious consequences.  By using real sugar, the body will know how to properly use it and you will be able to avoid any serious consequences aspartame may have.


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