10 Side Effects of High-Fructose Corn Syrup

You have heard the term high fructose corn syrup if you have spent any time on health websites, magazine articles or television shows. Commonly referred to as HFCS, the sweetener accounts for more calories than any other food option in the entire American diet.

Negative Effects of HFCS

High fructose corn syrup, so commonly found because corn has become one of the cheapest most widely available crops, acts as an alternative sweetener to normal table sugar. The fructose has a much sweeter taste and acts as a much more cost effective option for food producers and manufacturers. Ultimately, HFCS acts as the number one cause for obesity in the world, especially in the United States of America. The sweetener has the ability to decrease metabolism and hinder the natural production of insulin and other appetite controllers, amongst other problems.

1. Obesity

HFCS limits your body’s ability to produce insulin and leptin, making it difficult to metabolize food and regulate appetite. The pancreas remains insulin resistance to all types of fructose, including HFCS, severely hindering appetite control.

2. Diabetes

Due to obesity and an irregular fluctuation of insulin, HFCS leads to diabetes in many people. Continual pancreatic damage remains the main cause of diabetes.

3. Tooth Infections and Decay

Foods rich in sugars and sweeteners like HFCS rot teeth by decaying the enamel coating.

4. LDL Cholesterol and Triglycerides Increase

Sugars metabolize into fat, therefore increasing your unhealthy cholesterol levels along with the fat storages in your body. Since high fructose corn syrup does not cause the secretion of insulin or leptin, foods with high levels of the sweetener become nearly fully absorbed and metabolized into fat and cholesterol.

5. Increased Risk of Heart Attack and Heart Disease

High amounts of HFCS often result in higher cholesterol, which in turn blocks arteries and the flow of blood to and from the heart. This process weakens the heart muscles and the ability for new oxygen to circulate throughout the body. The increase in fat storages also harms heart health.

6. Anemia

In order for your body to digest HFCS and other sugars that contain no vitamins or minerals, you must use other storages of the valuable nutrients, depleting your body of its natural amounts.

7. Poor Immunity

HFCS interfere with the creation of hormones and enzymes in your body that normally defend major diseases.

8. Lack of Calories

Even though foods that contain high levels of HFCS provide a ton of calories, those calories have no nutritional value at all. This often gets labeled as the empty calorie phenomenon.

9. Fatigue

High levels of sugar cause your body to release greater amounts of hormones and endorphins that slow the body down.

10. Mood Swings and Withdrawal

Too much sugar and HFCS will cause your body to crave more, and when trying to cut back, the desire and cravings only increase.


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  • LDR

    It’s very “strange” to see those misleading Ads on T.V. by the corn refiners, they say or should I say they have actors claim that HFCS is “safe” in “moderation”. My question is, What is moderation? when this “junk” is in almost everything on the store shelves bead,soda, mustards, soups and, sauces to name a few. This has to build up in your system. I guess we shall just have to buy only hfcs free products.

  • Eliet

    Great! It helped me with my studies.

  • Sandy

    I have something very interesting that happens to my body when HFCS is ingested.

  • Sandy

    It started happening a few years ago. When I had margaritas at a certain establishment, my upper arm(s) would go numb, throb, I’d feel sick, and apparently look ill, because people around me would ask, “What’s wrong? Are you ok?” So I learned to drink freshly squeezed juice margaritas at authentic Mexican restaurants, not the ones made from scratch.
    Oddly enough, yesterday, I had a Sangria from a bottle, the malt beverage type. I did not even finish it. We go to a funeral, and why I’m standing in line, my right arm (upper) goes numb. I am holding on to my shoulder/arm, the people in line ask if I am ok and offer emt’s and find a nurse.
    We sit down in a room, nearby, and they of course, think I am having a heart attack. I tell them I just had a bottled beverage and I bet it has artificial sweetners &/or colors.
    Sure enough! I call the company this morning. Guess what? high fructose corn syrup, and food coloring.
    I would love to work with a medical student, or someone doing research. I am proof that there is something in beverages, and usually a margarita, sangria, something of that nature, that has an ill affect on my body. It usually hits 30-45 minutes after I consume such beverage (it only takes one)!
    My symptoms start subsiding @ 15-30 minutes into the onset. I am usually back to normal within an hour.
    It does become a little hard to breath, and I apparently do not look too well, as those around me usually start asking if I am ok?
    Thank you!
    Sandy in Tennessee

  • Sandy

    I’m sorry. I meant to say, the ones made from scratch, not with a mix, or artificial ingredients.

  • terry laday

    is canada dry bad for you? it dose have HF

  • Adriane

    I did not have any HFCS over the weekend break. That’s no sodas or bottled drinks that contain the sweetner. I only had raw foods that I prepared and grape juice that did not contain HFCS. I swear, I feel like a different person today. I felt like a different person the weekend! My body did not feel heavy or weighed down from the ingestion of sodas and frozen foods/snacks. I am convinced that the absence of HFCS from my diet over the weekend had something to do with it. I actually feel like I’ve lost weight; I feel lighter. Honestly, it’s kinda a weird way I’m feeling but it’s a good thing.

  • Herman Vogel

    So why hasn’t Michelle “O” attacked this like she does Chic-fil-a and other businesses? Seems she missed the boat on this one,,or is it the ADM, the biggest producers of this poison, is a BIG Obama contributor as well as DNC donor?