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Feel Sexy in a Tankini Swimsuit

A tankini swimsuit is a great suit for any body type when you feel like you want a little extra coverage. A tankini is a two-piece suit that combines a tank top with a bikini bottom to conceal the stomach, but still offers the sexiness of a bikini. However, as with any suit or piece […]

6 Best Dress Styles for Pear Shaped Women

Pear shaped women have larger hips and thighs, but their upper bodies are often quite petite. Pear shaped women can look fabulous in a variety of dress styles that call attention to the upper body, shoulders, neck and face while downplaying the lower body. Dresses for pear shaped women should create an illusion of balance […]

What to Wear if You Are Pear Shaped

Pear shaped women have larger hips and thighs and smaller busts and shoulders. Fashion for pear shaped women should focus on balancing the disproportionately-sized upper and lower halves of the body, and on drawing attention upward, toward the bust, shoulders, neck and face. If you’re a pear shaped woman, read on to find out how […]

5 Fashion Tips for Pear Shaped Women

Pear shaped women have slim shoulders and wide hips and thighs. If you’re a pear shaped woman, there’s no reason you can’t look fabulous if you dress to flatter your body shape. Here are some fashion tips to help pear shaped women look their best. 1. Try Some Padding Since pear shaped women have small, […]

Apple Shaped? 4 Tips for Flattering Casual Wear

Apple shaped women have slim bustlines, hips and legs, but round midsections and thick waistlines. If you’re an apple shaped women, the way you dress can have an enormous impact on your appearance. Follow these tips for flattering, slimming casual wear. 1. Avoid Tight Trousers Apple shaped women should avoid tight trousers and jeans that […]

Apple Shaped? 7 Tips for the Business Woman

Apple shaped women have a body shape that is thick at the midsection and waistline, but they often have shapely bustlines, legs, hips and ankles. Apple shaped women should wear outfits that emphasize their bustlines and create clean, straight lines from the bustline to the hips, with pretty, low heeled shoes that show off the […]

What to Wear if You Are Apple Shaped

Apple shaped women have round torsos and larger waistlines, but their busts and legs are average. Many older women share the apple body shape, though young women may be apple shaped as well. Many apple shaped women dress to hide their body shape, but apple shaped women can look fantastic if they accentuate their best […]

6 Tips for Finding Slimming One Piece Swimsuits

No kind of shopping is more dreadful than swimwear shopping, whether it’s for skimpy bikinis or one piece swimsuits. Fortunately, someone in the design room is catching on, as these days there are more stylish one piece swimsuit options than ever. The key to shopping for a slimming one piece swimsuit is to know what […]

Apple Shaped? Find the Perfect Plus Size Swimsuit

Plus size swimsuit shopping can be intimidating. If you’re an apple shaped women, you’re looking for a swimsuit that will control your midsection and waistline and have a slimming effect. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect plus sized swimsuit for an apple shaped figure. Take a Friend Shopping with You When […]

Pear Shaped? Find the Perfect Plus Size Swimsuit

Finding a plus size swimsuit can be a daunting chore, but there’s no reason a woman of any body shape can’t look good in swimwear. If you’re a pear shaped woman looking for a plus size swimsuit, follow these fashion tips to find the suit that will flatter your figure the most. Draw Attention Away […]