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Tai Chi And Qigong For Relaxation

Tai chi and Qigong, referred to as Tai Chi Qigong when combined, are ancient forms of martial arts and wellness practices. Tai Chi Qigong training features three inseparable elements: Tai Chi Qigong Relaxation Tai Chi Tai Chi is a form of martial arts exercise that focuses on movement, breathing, and concentration. Tai Chi exercises, like […]

Taiji Qigong: The Art Of Centering Your Chi

Taiji qigong, also known as taichi chi kung or chi gung, is a breathing discipline that supports taijiquan, a movement form that combines elements of gentle exercise, meditation, healing, and self defense. History of Taiji Qigong These Chinese practices date back thousands of years and many variations exist. The spellings of the words vary because […]

What A Pilates Studio Can Offer

The Pilates studio contains a variety of equipment, and it allows a Pilates student to focus in either individual sessions, group classes, or both. The studio is designed to allow students to proceed and develop their skills at the level appropriate to their needs. Classes Classes are generally grouped by skill level, and the student […]

Finding The Best Pilates DVD For Your Workout

A good Pilates DVD will teach you how to balance, strengthen, and tone your entire body. With a Pilates DVD, you will have a Pilates workout with a qualified instructor to follow any time of day or night. DVDs are helpful when you are learning how to do Pilates exercises correctly because you can replay […]

What Pilates Equipment Do You Really Need?

There are many choices when it comes to Pilates equipment. Most of the recommended Pilates exercise equipment will help make your workout more fun and effective as you improve your health and sculpt your body. However, with so many choices available to improve Pilates fitness, deciding what you really need can be confusing. If you […]

Pilates Classes – When Your Home Workout Isn’t Enough

While working out at home can be convenient, sometimes it might take others to keep you motivated and inspired. When your home workout isn’t enough, consider signing up for pilates classes. Most health clubs and pilates studios offer pilates classes for a variety of skill levels, throughout the week. Types of Pilates Classes Available You […]

Yoga / Pilates: The Benefits Of A Combined Workout

Your body will greatly benefit from a yoga pilates workout, as the health benefits provided from these two practices are endless. Read on to discover why… How is Yoga Different From Pilates? Yoga is a 3,000-year-old tradition. Hatha yoga is the asana practice. Classical ashtanga yoga has eight limbs that include meditation,concentration and self-study. There […]

Activity for Weight Control

Karen Collins, MS, RD, CDN American Institute for Cancer Research Surveys reveal that many Americans are confused by the conflicting messages about nutrition and wellness that inundate magazines, newspapers and TV news programs. Unfortunately, messages about physical activity can be just as erratic. Fortunately, research is now providing evidence on just how much activity is […]