Simple Math

Posted zoesmom on July 8th, 2013 | Filed under life, wonderslim

Many times, people ask me how fast I am losing.  When I tell them 60 pounds, they think either it took me three years or three months.  But not really.  I started my journey nearly a year ago, on July 17th, 2012.  But it was halted prematurely when I fell gravely ill on August 13th.  I had lost something like 15 pounds, give or take in that brief time, but I cannot count it…I was unable to return to dieting until January of this year and I was on steroids most of last year, making me gain most of my lost weight back.  So, where as my offical start date is July 17, 2012, I count January 1, 2013 as my “real” date as I am unhindered by health issues and circumstances outside of my control. 

But for giggles, I’ll calculate both.

If we go by my 2012 date, I’ve been dieting for 51 weeks.  At 60 pounds lost total, you can say I am losing 1.18 pounds a week.

If we go by my 2013 date, I’ve been dieting for 27 weeks.  At 60 pounds lost total, you can say I am losing 2.22 pounds a week. 

I’ll let you choose which one you want to go with.  Me personally?  I am going with the 2013 date given the fact I had to start all over due to health issues.  Either way though, I am losing steadily and I am losing nicely.  I am still using WS products, although I have tweaked my plan a wee bit to help accomidate my exercise.  I’ll probably be on WS for at least another 4 months.  I plan to start weaning myself off slowly and start counting calories.  WS has helped me overcome my food addiction.  Now if I can just wean myself off this fabulous tool…afterall, who wants to be on prepackaged foods forever 🙂

I love WS…but I am ready for my next chapter in weight loss…and I WILL see 199 by the end of this year…you had better believe it! 😀

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