(at least that’s what I tell myself…)

I haven’t been dieting. I haven’t been taking care of myself. I haven’t been able to make myself care enough.

Then i discovered the most amazing biofedback mechanism in the world: My Gallbladder.

The Gallbladder Diet is one guaranteed to make you lose weight fast. It is a diet you will not even be tempted to cheat on.

Sometimes gallbladders create stones and sometimes those stones end up in places where they shouldn’t be. And that causes pain, sometimes really really intense pain. But even minor gallbladder pain is enough to make you say “no! no! no!”.

If your gallbladder is acting up then anything high in fat will probably cause pain. Even things not super high in fat might cause pain. It’s trial and error what is safe to eat because it seems to vary from person to person. Not eating is easiest. Also, too much of any food no matter how low fat will probably cause pain. And by “too much” we’re talking maybe half a sandwich. So, when you finally find something that your body will tolerate you can’t eat much, even if you are really, really, really hungry. And the memory of the pain will guarantee you won’t even be tempted.

After about 6 weeks on The Gallbladder Diet I’d lost about 30 pounds and still wasn’t eating. I fired up MyFitnessPal again and started tracking calories because I knew I was losing weight waaaay too fast and needed to eat more. Most days I was lucky to get 1000 calories. But after 2 more weeks of tracking I’m usually getting 1200, sometimes even 1400 a day. All very very healthy carefully planned calories. Despite that, I’m now down 40 pounds. And my surgery to remove my gallbladder is still a month away.

Of course, the trick will be, post surgery, to keep tracking, keep eating healthy, keep caring. But I’m trying to use this experience to create better habits. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


the part below is to help me remember chronology, it’s not very interesting reading….


In early December i had a bit of food poisoning. At least that’s what I thought. But instead of feeling fine in a day or two I continued to have a rumbly tummy and had trouble eating. And I started itching all over. A lot.

All of December was rocky but I worked Christmas Eve into Christmas morning and got home planning on sleeping a bit before joining friends to celebrate the day. Instead, soon after i got home i got very sick and missed Christmas (and Boxing Day) altogether.

Four days later I accepted I wasn’t getting better and went to my Doctor. She took one look at me and sent me to the hospital. And they liked me so much they kept me for four days.

Turns out my “food poisoning” was probably my gallbladder getting rid of a stone. And Christmas Day was probably a bigger stone. And all the itching was because my liver was upset by all these stones – when your bilirubins run amok you itch. A lot.

So, I’m now one giant healing scab who will get her gallbladder out in early March.

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But I’m finding my  way back!

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No, I haven’t taken up running, with my knees that’s not even remotely possible. But the runtastic website has a whole bunch of apps for various physical activities and one of them is a simple pedometer. Most of the activity apps use the GPS function of the phone to record progress – those might be dandy if you live somewhere with decent satellite or cell coverage. Out where I live both are spotty and I can walk for miles while my phone app thinks I’m sitting at home eating bonbons. The runtastic pedometer, however, uses the phones accelerometer (the thing that tells the phone when you’ve tilted it so the screen moves from horizontal to vertical and back again). It’ may not be 100% accurate but it’s better than nothing at all.

So now I take my phone with me on my rambles with my dogs and at the end of the walk runtastic uploads my exercise directly to myfitnesspal. I am inspired like I was when i first found 3FC and I hope this inspiration does as much for me as 3FC has done! I can’t lose another 100 pounds like 3FC helped me to, but maybe I can runtastic myself down to my original goal weight?!

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I haven’t written anything in waaay too long so it’s time to ketchup.

I went off the rails there for a bit and gained back 25 pounds or so but starting with the new year I started focusing on healthy eating again. I lost 20 pounds pretty quick but then went astray again. And now I’m back at it again.

I’ve learned two things from all this: OMG it is soooo easy to gain weight back and it comes back fast. And, just as important, I can do this, I CAN restart my healthy lifestyle.  Every day is a new day and I am a work in progress.

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The annual Heath Fair at work was yesterday. This free event was a major part of the start of my journey to a healthier me.  I’ll update my “stats” later this week when i am on the computer at work but I wanted to write a little about cholesterol…

In 2008 my HDL was 48 – with a goal of anything over 50 (according to this year’s screener but over 60 according to whatever source i was using when i created my stats chart…). In 2009 my HDL was 44 – heading the wrong direction, as were the rest of my numbers. By 2009 I’d lost 80 pounds, pretty much given up junk food, and my HDL had climbed to 59 (and the rest of my numbers had also improved!).

This year my HDL is 86! The nurse doing the screening was very pleased with that number. And so am I! Especially since the last month or two I really have been eating all the bad foods – candy bars, chips, mass produced cookies. And even though I’m still down 80 pounds from my all time high I’m also up from my most recent low weight too. So my good HDL might have been even better.

But even with the junk food it was good. And I give credit for that to my switch to raw, whole, unhomogenized, unpasturized milk; local free range eggs, and grass fed meats. I skim the cream off the milk so i have heavy cream for my coffee and make kefir out of the rest. I drink at least a pint jar of kefir nearly every day. The whole milk, cream, eggs, red meat, and things like liver are all things the hand out that came with my screening recommend against and maybe that’s true if you it’s factory farm crap – but the local grass fed stuff is a whole ‘nother thing.

Yes, I do the other recommended things – fish (mostly tuna and wild caught salmon), olive oil, avoiding transfats. But I am proud to break all the other rules.

I’m still working on getting the junk food back undercontrol and I am still committed to losing the rest of my weight. But I’m sticking with my raw milk!!!

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Summer is over and I made no progress on those last 35 pounds. In July I gained almost 10 pounds while on a week long vacation on the Outter Banks. ‘Round about mid-September we had a cold snap and I switched from my lose summer shorts back to jeans…

OMG! They were tight! Not unwearable tight but not comfy like my shorts and like I think my jeans were last Spring. So, what did I do? Of course I went on an eating spree. All kinds of junk food and huge portions and pretty much anything I could stuff in my mouth. So then my jeans were really tight. Brilliant!

But now I’m back to daily weighing and eating sensibly and getting my life back in order.

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The last couple months have just been crazy hectic and it finally got to the point where I was starting to be really stressed about finding the time to track my food and weight. So I took a break. I’ve still been (mostly) making healthy choices but I wasn’t tracking anything. During my 6 or so weeks off I got less vigilent about taking my vitamins, getting enough sleep, and eating my veggies. I didn’t gain weight but I also didn’t feel as good. But some of that may just have been because my life was just crazy busy.

Life is still busy but as of today I’m back to tracking. And getting out for longer walks with the dogs. And taking my vitamins. I’m not sure how I’m going to manage the “getting enough sleep” part but I guess I’ll work on that too.


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sourdough english muffins - so easy and sooooo yummy

For reasons known only to the jerks of the world I’ve been getting dozens of spam comments to this blog.  So I went back through every entry and made them closed to comments. From now on, only 3FC registered users will be able to comment here.  It’s not like I write my infrequent posts for anyone other than me anyway.  Still, it seems kinda anti-social to lock folks out and I apologise to any real people out there who wanted to comment.

Meanwhile, before I was attacked by spam I was meaning to get around to writing an entry.

Pictured above are some english muffins I’m making. Turns out english muffins are really easy to make and so good fresh off the griddle. I’ve been going all out making food with sourdough and whole wheat sprouted flour. I don’t eat a lot of non-veggie or fruit carbs but through my whole weight loss I’ve always allowed myself the equivalent of a sandwich’s worth of bread – it might be pasta or a whole wheat english muffin but most days I had some healthy whole grain wheat based product. The beginning of the year I started baking with sourdough because I love sourdough bread but can’t find locally made whole wheat sourdough. I’m using a whole wheat starter and splurged for spouted flour because everything I’ve read makes me believe  the spouting process really does make the wheat more nutritionally accessible. I’ve made some nice bread, plus crackers, cookies, muffins, and pancakes (the kids I work with are loving this new phase of my exploration of healthy eating!) but my favorite so far has been my english muffins. Calorie-wise,  they are about the same as a Thomas’ whole wheat english muffin but the only ingredients are sourdough (water and flour), flour, baking soda, salt, maple syrup, and sometimes some ground flax seed. Plus I’ve been tossing in a quarter cup of freshly grated parmesian cheese and some black pepper at the very end since I mostly eat these as a sandwich bread.   I allow myself two when I first make them because they are amazingly yummy right out of the pan. I am still losing weight!

My recipe is here:  http://gnowfglins.com/2010/03/31/guest-post-sourdough-english-muffins/

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I never thought I’d be so excited to be overweight but, yes, yes I am! I’m overweight! I’ve lost 100 pounds and I’m overweight!

35 pounds to go to be “healthy”….

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I’ve been at this a year now. When I started i wasn’t even sure I was starting. I thought I was but all i knew for sure was I was giving up junk food for Lent. From there I progressed to counting calories then to trying to limit the number of calories I’d have to count per day. Over the year I’ve gradually moved to healthier foods and to working on my whole approach to food.

Back in January I wrote about committing even more to whole foods this year during Lent but since then I’ve thought a lot about it. I decided I could embrace whole foods without the extra push I get from Lent and that I needed God’s help for other stuff more.  So, I’m giving up being a smart ass for Lent this year. Giving up sweet and salty stuff was easy by comparison…

Meanwhile, I have launched myself even more toward whole foods. I am now making my own yogurt at home and making my own sourdough breads. This took a little effort to fit these activities in to an already busy schedule but I’m doing okay with that.  On the other hand, homemade whole milk yogurt is not a traditional “diet” food. And while I’m 100% certain that my home made sprouted whole wheat sourdough english muffins are not only tastier but also far healthier than the store bought ones (and amazingly easy to make!) I am also eating more bread now than I was. I used to usually have one slice of bread a day, now I have an english muffin a day, plus one or two the day I make them (because they are o nom nom nom fresh off the griddle!). I’m still keeping within my calories but I’m getting more fats and more carbs than before – and my weight loss has stalled. On the other hand, on a 3 month graph my current bouncing around the high 180’s isn’t any different than how things have been going since i started menopause, so perhaps the carbs and fats aren’t messing with things. The extra dairy (i think that was it) seemed to slow down or block up some essential bodily functions for a bit,  but I seem to have adjusted and things are moving smoothly again.

So, that’s where I am right now – still a pound or so away form 100 pounds down but feeling good about the foods I am eating and how I am treating my body. I really want to pass that 100 pounds milestone and move in to being just “overweight” but I know I’ll get there. Probably this month, too.

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