(at least that’s what I tell myself…)

No, I haven’t taken up running, with my knees that’s not even remotely possible. But the runtastic website has a whole bunch of apps for various physical activities and one of them is a simple pedometer. Most of the activity apps use the GPS function of the phone to record progress – those might be dandy if you live somewhere with decent satellite or cell coverage. Out where I live both are spotty and I can walk for miles while my phone app thinks I’m sitting at home eating bonbons. The runtastic pedometer, however, uses the phones accelerometer (the thing that tells the phone when you’ve tilted it so the screen moves from horizontal to vertical and back again). It’ may not be 100% accurate but it’s better than nothing at all.

So now I take my phone with me on my rambles with my dogs and at the end of the walk runtastic uploads my exercise directly to myfitnesspal. I am inspired like I was when i first found 3FC and I hope this inspiration does as much for me as 3FC has done! I can’t lose another 100 pounds like 3FC helped me to, but maybe I can runtastic myself down to my original goal weight?!

November 27th, 2012 at 3:29 am

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