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Could of been worse

DH decided to take us out to eat on Saturday.  We went to a buffet.  I could of done better but it could have been worse.  I did have a salad full of “good” foods and fat free dressing.  I then had a regular plate of food with steamed cauliflower, sweet potato, and uh oh one slice of pizza!  For dessert I had two very small cookies.  Yesterday, Sunday, I wondered for a moment why my belly was so bloated and why I felt to uncomfortable.  Well when you eat some foods you shouldn’t that’s what happens!  I could have done better yesterday too, but I just made sure I logged everything in my Fitday, which my calories were still under 1800! and now I just move on.  I also forced myself to do 11 min on the elliptical in spite of the fact that the humidity was so high and it was like 85 degrees outside and I have no air conditioning in my house-YIKES!  I was sweating really hard, but it felt good pushing myself to do that little extra to remind myself that I am trying to lose weight.

Today I had a low carb wrap, scrambled egg with no butter, and a slice of cheese.  Today will be a great day, and I have the power to make that happen!


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