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15 May, 2012

Morning person

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When you read dieting or fitness blogs, it’s not rare to run into articles praising morning workouts. They give you some energy to start your day, they seem to boost pretty much whatever you got to be boost, they wake you up, etc. So when I started dieting and training, I was super excited about becoming one of those person too, who just tie up their shoes in the morning and fiercly run through the desert streets at 6:00AM.

Here’s my word : it never happened.

Don’t get me wrong. I would really REALLY like to be one of those person. Come on, I want to get all boosted too in the morning and get rid of the sleepy head that I am! But I have to face the truth : I guess I’m just not a morning person.

I honestly workout in the morning once every 2 months. One of them was this morning. I told another student I would help him with something, but that experiment would only be ready around 5:00PM, tuesday or wednesday… I wasn’t willing to risk only getting for my workout past 6:00 or even 7:00 PM, so last night I was all cheerfull when I said : ”Hey! Let’s do this in the morning!”

I’m glad to say that I got through the workout. But it was hard. Harder than the usual one. I have to admit that it was intervals, so it was supposed to be hard. Maybe that the fact that it was the morning just maked it harder.

It took a good 3 kilometers before I kicked in and started the intervals… My legs were just feeling so heaving. I am also dehydrated when I wake up in the morning and it maked my mouth all pasty. I felt like I was dying when I got home.

To my surprise, the ”OMG I’m gonna die this morning” quickly went away! I got home, drank some water and set up on my mat in the living room to do my new resolutions thingy (50 crunchs + 1 min plank every morning and every night) and … I felt okay. Even more than okay : I felt good! I was feeling good after a morning workout! That was a first.

It’s leading me to think that I should probably try this again in the future. You know, at first, working out at any hour of the day was painful, but once it becomes a habit, it’s not that horrible anymore. I’m not talking I’m gonna starting running all my runs in the morning (like wednesday next 10k where I would have to wake up at like 5:00 = no freaking way LOL) but I have to admit that running in the morning brings out multiples pro’s. How nice to come home at night after a day at the lab, saying to yourself ”wow, my run is already done for the day, how nice!”

I’ll probably never me a complete morning person… But I can at least try to work on the sleepyhead part! ;-)


P.S. Oh yeah, the link with the picture. It was raining this morning. Maybe another great excuse why this run felt so painful!! Hihi.


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1 | incontrol2day

May 15th, 2012 at 12:06 pm


I’m a morning person by nature but then again I am a firm believer of exercising when you can! I think energy levels are different from person to person :)

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