The Daily Plate graphs

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So I wanted to post this yesterday, but like, work sort of sucks up my free time and I never got around to it.

The Daily Plate has this nice feature where it creates all sorts of pie charts to visualize your food. It has a general macronutrient one showing the percentage of carbs, fats and protein you consumed, and then has further breakdowns of those factors, showing each fod as a slice. It also does it for other notable things like fiber and cholesteral. But since I know I get plenty of fiber, and I only get a lot of cholesterol when I eat shrimp, I don’t care too much about those. The sodium one is useful for a vriety of reasons, but mine is always inaccurate because I usually don’t bother put soy sauce in my log (er, 5 cal for a tablespoon? Pshaw!!) but lets just say on miso soup days I consume something like 3.5-5 mg of sodium, depending if I’ve had soy sauce elsewhere in the day.

So here they are, with their grams consumed for the individual macronutrients

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
1646 total calories (This was a fairly low day, but closer to what I am aiming for a while).
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It is important to consider both the percentage of macronutrients AND the absolute grams. Just because you only had, like, 20% fat doesn’t mean it was too much, or 10% protein means it wasn’t enough. If you ate a lot of fat or carbs it would skew the percentages.

I am trying to eat approx. 100gm protein per day. Websites such as This One talk about the USDA RDA for “normal” people and then “Exercising” people. Exercising people need more protein do to the, well, the extra usage and subsequent repair of muscles to, oh, desk jockeys who don’t exercise. Also, I have started strength training, and if I am going to be stressing my muscles I need sufficient protein to repair them.

At any rate, the reccomended protein according to the above site is 1.2-1.8 gm/kg body weight. I currently weigh 68kg and it comes out to approx. 80-120 gm protein per day. 100gm happens to fall right in the middle so I feel it is a good number to strive for.

Further looking at my breakdown it is clear I get most of my calories from carbs and relatively less from fats. And a lot of the fat I eat is from avocado. (when I’m being good, anyway). When I changed my diet all these many moons ago I more or less cut out fat, not on purpose, but because all those foods I love to eat too much of? Have lots of fat. Like, cheese, chocolate, cream sauce (mmmm). So yeah. I’d like to alter that percentage a bit so that carbs are closer to 50% than 60% ON NORMAL HEALTHY DAYS (not eating out days where like, the percentages will be skewed towards fat, like YESTERDAY lol).

Also, and I haven’t looked for scientific articles on it (or anything really, I try to use my intelligence, common sense and scientific background to make juggements on internet information) there is apparantly something called the thermic effect of food. It takes a little energy to break down fat (2% of the calories of fat consumed) 10% of the calories from carbs, and 20-30% from proteins). Wikipedia and the internet have more info. I don’t know how accurate those NUMBERS are, but the effect is surely real. So, might as well not eat too much fat in general, rather replace it with carbs or protein. Evidence that not all calories are equal, lol.

They brought out the rest of the carrot cake. . .

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But I didn’t take a piece! Just a little taste of the frosting. Like, the tip of my finder. (Yes I stuck my finger in the edge of the frosting, mwahahaha). . . Practically nothing. A single piece of crushed nut coated with frosting.

I don’t think it counts. Do you?

Grr last minute cake.

Stupid Extra Food . . . I WILL NOT SUCCUMB! ONLY 35 MORE MINUTES!!

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Today is training at work, whihc means there is FOOD all over. Like, breakfast pastries and lunch food. AAAAAAANNNNDD there’s a weightloss contest going on (I’m not involved)

To add insult to injury, one of the VPs (in a gameplay effort) brought a dozen dunkin donuts, as well. SOOO the breakfast pastries are NOT totally consumed at this point because of the stupid donuts.

At least by the time I wandered back there, ALL of the lunch has been consumed.


I haven’t eaten any of the food today except a few pieces of watermelon from the fruit salad. I’m going to make it!!!!

HUGE sort of update

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Wow it’s been like, 2 weeks since I updated haha.

Well, my weight has been about the same, I’m somewhere around 151 right now. It is POSSIBLE that I have lost a tiny bit of weight, as I’ve been a) exercising a LOT lately b) been consuming lots of miso lately and 3) haven’t been eating any worse/probably much better than during the holidays, during which I did not really gain weight.

So I’m hoping that as I keep up the exercise, and consuming the miso, whatever level of water I am retaining from the combination of physical activity and sodium will remain constant, and the scale will begin to shift down.

I joined the Boston Sports Club Jan 9th and have been going most days for classes.

Thursday 1.7.10 – The Fateful BODYCOMBAT class that made me think maybe I should switch gyms
Friday 1.8.10 – Day I decided I WOULD join BSC, damn the expense
Saturday 1.9.10 – day I joined BSC
Sunday 1.10.10 – None
Monday 1.11.10 – Zumba at BSC
Tuesday 1.12.10 – Zumba (my last class at the YMCA)
Wednesday 1.13.10 – none
Thursday 1.14.10  – Boday Combat! (with the best instructor)
Friday 1.15.10 – none
Saturday – 1.16.none
Sunday – 1.17.10 none
Monday 1.18.10 – Boday Combat!
Tuesday 1.19.10 – no gym, Taiko!
Wednesday 1.20.10 – Body Pump – (took 3-4 days to be “not sore”)
Thursday 1.21.10  – Boday Combat! (with the best instructor)
Friday 1.22.10 – none
Saturday – 1.23.10 Body Combat!  (yes, before Frosbite Tourney)
Sunday – 1.24.10 Zumba!
Monday 1.25.10 – Body Combat!
Tuesday  1.26.10 –  None today, Taiko!

And my eating hasn’t been terrible. I’ve been tracking pretty consistently this week on the daily plate, and have been under 2000 (in the 1700-1900) range on most days. Saturday I’m sure I was well over because of the feast at Frostbite Tourney, no estimates, maybe about 2500? And Sunday I’d guess maybe around 2500 also, as I ate like 1/2 a bag of baking chocolate/peanutbutter chips, and some brownies that steve’s mom made (SOO GOOD). But I also worked out both those days, unlike most weekends where I sit on my ASS all day.

I need NEED <i>NEED</i> to consume less carbs/more protein. Possibly more fat, but only because if I lessen carbs I need to replace it with something. Largely because now that I am really exercising more, expecially with the bodypump, I need a bit more protein than I’m getting. Some websites say that very active people need up to 1 gram protein/pound body weight. That would be 150 gram right now. I’m not aiming for that much, but for around 100gm I think is a good goal. I have started adding some TVP to my oatmeal to increase the protein/decrease carb ratio, and this morning I used a little less cereal and added about 1/2 serving of my vanilla protein powder to compensate. It was a bit sweet but not unpleasant. I need to see if there are other flavors to use. Also, I should try to get more beans as I think about 1/3 of the calories in them is protein, not to mention the fiber. I also bought some new hot cereal that I think had flax seeds or something as a major ingredient, at any rate, if has more fiber and protein than the one I’m currently eating.

Oh, about Bodypump. It’s like, an hour long coreographed weight lifting class (with much breaks and recovery of course, not a solid hour nonstop). This should be good for me. I like being led through the exercises, as I can’t afford a trainer and an too stupid to learn it on my own. And I  KNOW it’s about time I do strength training. I will be going on wednesdays for now. If I get used to it and am recovered within two days ( instead of 3-4) I may go on sundays occaisonally, because I so dont want to be too sore to do taiko on tuesdays. There is also the express line I could do instead. Anyway, after the Bodypump my quads hurt so much I could barely do stairs haha. And my right quad expecially, it hurt for DAYS!! I want to be stronger! (And shapely?)

I am also thinking about swimming instead of aerobics once a week, or a short swim afer the aerobics classes. Zumba on monday followed by half hour in the pool maybe if its not too crowded at that time, or on a weekend instead.

Zumba and Scottish country dancing

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So yesterday I went to the 5:30 zumba class at the Lexington BSC. I find this Zumba class “fine”. I like it and will keep taking it, even though it isn’t “awesome”. The girl who leads it likes to vary the music, which is nice, and it is often (so far) 80’s which is nice and innocuous. She also seems to have a thing for Michael Jackson’s music and dance steps. The only annoying aspect of yesterday’s class was that we spent something like 10 minutes learning a sequence of dance moves during a MJ song. And then repeated the song. And did it a bit during the next song. It was kind of like 10 minutes down time because the sequence was sufficiently complicated to take some time to learn, and exascerbated by the fac tthe instructor kept running around the room and demonstrating in different areas, IMO slowing down the process.

After that it was late enough I missed the worst of rush hour traffic and sped up 95. . . to exit 33a, where it was a PARKINGLOT because someone on crashed on 93 up in READING and backed it all up. So I crawled to the exit and made my escape into woburn and took 30 min to get home instead of 20, losing time before going out again. Good thing I had leftovers from Bickford’s to shovel down my gullet when I got home. Is it REALLY THAT DIFFICULT for people to drive without crashing around here?

Then we went to Scottish Country Dance, which I expected to like but didn’t. The beginner part killed me at the slowness of teaching. 8 bars to practice the steps 2 times was insufficient. And then during the open dance the progression fucked me up, and the starting on the right instead of the left, and all in all it didn’t work for me. I think it is pointless to have a 4 couple set and only 3 couples participate. Didn’t like it. For me personally, having done so much medieval dancing and contra where if you are in the set you dance, this sucked. That’s just me.

There WAS tiramisu during the break, though. I like tiramisu,

BODYCOMBAT and Food and stuff

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I didn’t actually eat a lot yesterday. This is because I was so tired after that class that I ate dinner, decided to stay home, and fell asleep early, without eating lots of desert (took some convincing, even in my tired state, grr). I fell asleep like, 10:45? And woke up at like 1:30. How annoying. I was kinda hungry but refused to eat that late. I surfed the web for like 45min-hr, then went to bed again. I ate a normal breakfast this morning, but am still feeling hungry, prob because I ate so little yesterday.

I was planning on the gym today. Then, after that class, I thought I’d take the day off, haha, but now I think I might go aferall. I don’t know. I’ll see how I feel later.

The scale was down again today, though I bet a little of it was from eating less than usual yesterday. 150.4-150.8

So I’m going to estimate calories for yesterday. Estimate, because I don’tknow at all how many are in the foods I have had for lunch. Other estimates are based on experience from actually calculating it in the past


2/3 serving shredded wheat 120
1 serving fiber one cereal 60
1 smallish banana (80gm) 80
~60gm avocado 100
1 cup lite soy milk 70

Meal Total 430


1 medium navel orange 70
1 serving natural applesauce 50
spinach soup with white beans er, 150? (guess!)
black bean/pork/tomato thingy er, 250? (this is 10% of the estimate I made based on the recipe, assuming about 10 servings the size I took)

Meal Total 520


Some baby carrots 35


1 serving apple-cinnamon hot cereal 110
2/3 serving this other hot cereal I have 80
hazelnut creamer stuff (est) 40
maple syrup (est) 40
3 clementines 100
1 serving salsa-jack cheese 110
1/2 red pepper(est) 30
100gm shrimp 80

Meal Total 590

Day Total 1575

Yikes! When’s the last time I ate that LITTLE?????

Well, I may need to aim closer to that number to resume losing again. Hence, the gym-going Lisa-ness

Oh, and I got new batteries for my food scale. It Lives!!!


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Will go back next Thrusday


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So, there’s this class offered at the boston sports clubs called BODYCOMBAT (yeah caps!!) that I want to try. Its aerobics that incorporates martial arts.

So, eventually I was planning on trying it on a monday at the lexington bsc, but next monday we intend on going to scottish dancing, which means I cant try it for another week. Also, the monday class is at 6:30, which means either going to the zumba class before it and then doing a 2nd class, or killing time somewhere.

HOWEVER there is one tonight at 5:30. Normally I go to Zumba at my YMCA at 7:30 on thursdays, but since I didn’t have taiko this week (or next week) I went to the tuesday zumba class at my gym, so I can just to to this body combat today and try it and stuff and YEAH! And, if I were feeling ambitious, I could also go to the zumba at my ymca, but that leaves an hour in the middle to get home, eat and leave. AND I’d have to change my plan to go to Steve’s after the gym because like, when the hell would I pack all my crap and make lunch?

Also, the BSC reginal pasport membership is 80 bucks a month. I get like, a 20% discount with my tufts health plan which would make it 66 bucks a month. This is more than I spend now (46 at the YMCA) but if I do move towards the burlington area, I may switch anyway. The classes are more extensive, and they also have a pool, I can go to any location in the bsc network, and they have showers with towels, shampoo and conditioner, whihc means I could theoretically workout in the mornings before work.

Take That Holiday Weight!

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I weight 151.2 this morning. I haven’t done anything special this week except not eat (as much) crap every single day. TAKE THAT holiday weight!

OF course, I’m now back to where I was like, all December. I need to MAKE PROGRESS now. I’m going to the gym today lol.

Food catch-up?

Pickin’ up from Tuesday

Dinner (tuesday)
Err, hot cereal. A mix of cinnamon-apple (1 serving) and 10-grain (1/2+ serving)
Some hazelnut creamer stuff
A little maple syrup
An apple-chicken saussage (my last! Market Basket had none monday *pout*)
Some salsa-jack cheese
. . . Yellow pepper? Some kinda veg.
Maybe somthin’ else? I don’t remember
About 1 serving of chocolate chips (all that was left, fortunately)

Then I went to the gym for the Tuesday Zumba class. This instructor used a lot of the same music as the thursday one, I don’t know how they decide what to use. The other 2 classes I’ve tried used very dif. music. Also, it was definitely more intense than the thursday one. But, I can only go once more, next week, and I might do something else next tuesday, before taiko starts up again

After Zumba I went to Steve’s house and ate my banana. And a bunch of cherry-cordial herskey kisses. Oops.

Steve’s house’s scales are useless.

Yesterday for breakfast was basically the same as always. Cereal+soy milk, 1/2 avocado, banana

Ditto Lunch. See prev. post.

Dinner? Started ok. I ate hot cereal mix with creamer stuff and maple syrup, 3 clementines, the other half of a yellow pepper, and a hunk of cheese.

And some dark chocolate and a bunch of sunflowerseed butter, even though I didn’t really want/need it, and THEN when Steve came I ate some of this ice cream we had got before. I only ate it cause like, it was THERE and I kinda wanted to procrastinate, and it was THERE damn it!. I didn’t eat too much but it made my tummy feel icky. The remainder was tossed. I also decided to toss the rest of the sunflowerseed butter (~1/3 or so of the jar) because I just am not craving and enjoying it like I used to, I just eat it out of habit/because its there. I asked Steve to throw it out for me haha. I fell asleep randomly early like before 11. It was gone in the morning 🙂

And I weighed myself and found out I DIDN’T gain weigh during the holidays! SOMEHOW. . . Does this mean I’ll LOSE a couple fast is I DON’T eat like a monster?????

Food log . . . Sigh

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***Oh, I changed my ticker because I was ONLY 153.0 this morning, and I don’t like 153.4 so much***

Guess I should keep track. A little. All my diet faux-paux’s will be revealed!!

Yesterday started normal (as usual) and, unlike the last part of december, I DIDN’T CONSUME CHOCOLATE DURING BREAKFAST


Shredded wheat (~2/3 serving)
Fiber One cereal bit less than 1 serving)
~1 cup lite soy milk
1/2 avocado (~60-70gm, prob.)
~1/2 of a banana (it was old, and looked okay, but i was put off by the outside)

Lunch was actually healthy, lol

1 sweet potato (~165 gm)
1 orange bell pepper (didn’t weigh it)
1 apple-chicken sausage
1 medium-ish navel orange
1 cheese stick

1 chocolate gold coin, from the “seahorse food donation” area in the kitchen (oops)

Snacks during the day

baby carrots
2 more chocolate gold coins (errk)

After work I went to the super market and spent all my money on staples lol. Well, it was market basket, so I actually only spent 60 bucks, lol. I bought 3 boxes of fiber one cereal, 3 boxes of shredded wheat, and 2 bags of hot cereal (10 grain, and cinammon-apple). I bought a bunch of new plastic storage containers, as I am sick of not being able to find lids for the ones I have. That stuff accounted for almost half of the bill, lol. The rest was like, milk, oranges, bananas (other staples) and some random stuff, like a star fruit (what does it look like ripe? yellow? green” I bought a green one. . .) pickles, applesauce. I also went to the liquor store to buy some inexpensive (but favorably reviewed) wine to use in a recipe this weekend. I am going to cook a chicken in my slow cooker, lol. The recipe I am using/modifying calls for wine, and I say, what the hell? It was less than 4 bucks, haha.

Once home, I shoveled the other half of the drive way. Some idiot decided to use the UNSHOVELED HALF of my driveway to turn in, so of course there was a huge strip of packed snow I couldn’t really shovel. Dingbat.

Then I made dinner. I ate some of the new cinammon-apple hot cereal with a bit of plan mized in (trying to use up an old container). I like sweet and since I use water and not my soy milk, I add sweetener. I have this “sugar free” hazelnut creamer, which is tasty, and some maple syrup.


1 serving apple-cinnamon hot cereal
1/2 serving regular hot cereal
~1 serving hazelnut creamer stuff
some maple syrup (prob ~ 1/4 of a bottle serving)
2 clementines
Some of my bean-tomato-port thing
1/2 of a brawtwurst

Steve came over while I was eating. Yay!

Dessert (cringe)

Well, it was going to be okay I guess. I took about 1 serving of the dark chocolate bar I got at trader Joe’s
I also ate some sunflower seed butter though, lol.

Whatever. I shoveled snow!!!

So far today has been, like the same!!!


Shredded wheat (~2/3 serving)
Fiber One cereal bit less than 1 serving)
~1 cup lite soy milk
1/2 avocado (~60-70gm, prob.)
1 banana (but small, I found baby bananas! 60gm w/o peel)


some baby carrots

Lunch – NEXT!!

Some of that bean-tomato-pork ting with 1/4 brawtworst (yes, 1/4)
Some of the bean-spinach-tomato-based soup I made

I decided to buy the smaller size jar of applesauce, as I have been eating it less lately, and the big jars are going bad before I finish them.

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