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“Hunger” as a welcomed sign

A new discovery today: when I woke up I notice a strange sensation in my tummy, and on thinking about it I was amazed to discover it was hunger. For months (not to say years, which would sound unbelievable) I had not experienced that sensation, so full of food I was all the time. Now that I am eating only when I am hungry (though less hungry than this morning), I am starting to notice lots of things: first this morning sensation comes back, but then, I could discover the taste of balsamic vinegar, which I have had for a long time but could not differentiate much from other flavours; I could also discover I am not hungry all day long –so I don’t need to graze all through the day– but every four or five hours if I eat light.
So, today for the first time in months (or years) I had some breakfast (just light cheese), lunch (veal and salad), and tea (orange juice and cheese). And I did that not because I had planned it to be that way, but because my body asked for food when it needed it. I am starting to understand what it is like to lead a healthy lifestyle. In a couple of days I will see if the scale agrees with me this is the right thing to do.
There is hunger and there is something different, “hunger,” i.e. what we charming fat people say is hunger but in fact is a yearning for food which covers up for something else. Today “hunger” was welcome, because on interrogating it I discovered I had been working for too many hours on my thesis (PhD, yay) and that I was stressing over frustration. “Hunger” was defeated later by real hunger –and tea–, but acted as a warning signal: I understood I had to stop working, close for the day, plan tomorrow’s work and get ready for my daily walk. Amazing, uh?

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By susana
On January 4, 2012
At 1:05 pm
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journey2skinny Says:

Your post is very insightful and I can totally relate to your experience

I’ve had those days too where I was too stressed out with school to “waste” my time planning my food out. I’m definately going to get rid of that mind set and “train” myself to crave healthier foods and be a more proactive in the exercise department.

Best of luck to you 🙂 and thank you for your kind words it means a lot !


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