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been a long time

Wow i can’t believe I havent written since October. This time will be different? My mom wants my sister and I to go sign up for Weight Watchers with her. ¬†I’ve been watching Ruby on tv. I love her. She’s so crazy ūüôā

Well I’ll write more tomorrow its getting late.

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On March 19, 2011
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Yogurt Land

They put a Yogurt Land in town about 30mins away from where I live. I absolutely love it. I don’t get it very often since I don’t go into town very often, but when I do I do tend to go there. I just looked up the¬†nutritional¬†value. It’s not too bad.

Yesterday I bought another Biggest Loser dvd. My book Jackie Warner : this is why your fat, came in yesterday when I got home from picking up meds from my son. I started reading it. I absolutely love Jackie. I hope to really dive into it today!

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On October 27, 2010
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Jogging in the rain anyone?

Today Ethan woke me up at 4am, he wasn’t feeling good yesterday was running kinda warm, gave him some fever reducer meds and today he seemed to be a little warm, but not as bad as yesterday. I decided to give him some fresh air and take him like I normally do on my walk. I put him in warm clothes because it was 6:30am and off we went.

I jogged as much as I could then walked then pushed myself some more. I made sure that I jogged up all the hills and most of the straight aways that I could manage. It was hard to jog that much. My weight takes a bigger tole on me than I realize sometimes.

So on our way back to the house I am totally exhausted. I really don’t want to push myself anymore and at this point we are about a football field away from the house. The Rain Comes pouring down out of no where. I have an OH CRAP! moment knowing I just took my recently sick child and now he’s stuck in the rain. I jogged and pushed myself to jog the whole way back to the house open the fence up took him out the stroller put him in the house ran back to the stroller shut the gate luckily before the dogs got out into the street. I ran back inside up the stairs took him out of his thankfully not as bad as i thought wet clothes / socks & Shoes.

Next time I have the bright idea that my son needs fresh air, i’ll remember to bring an umbrella…. Just in case.

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By revampingsoul
On October 22, 2010
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Interesting..very interesting

So I have come to the conclusion that If I dont write in here, I dont lose. If i dont go visit and keep up to date. I dont lose. Why? Because I dont have people backing me up.

Luckily I weight myself and I’m still 308 i didn’t gain, but I was hoping to be 299 by Halloween. that’s a total of 9 pounds in 10 days. Thats not gonna Happen because I don’t think a pound a day would be very healthy, but I do think i could come close if I work harder at it.

Here is to being active! On the plus side my little sister who really didn’t want to lose weight today told me when i was driving her to work that she wants to try Hip Hop Abs. Hell yeah! Guess I’m gonna go buy that before she changes her mind!

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On October 21, 2010
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I think my 2 year old is happy that I am actually doing something for my health. The reason is the last two days ontop of the walking 2 miles, I been trying out new fitness dvds just to see how I like them. I’ve had them around for years might as well test them out right? He always seems happy when I put them on, he dances around or if they are doing just regular exercise moves he tries to do his little modified version of it. It really is Cute!

I noticed that regular pepsi is 150 calories. OUCH! I do drink my 8 8oz glasses of water everyday but I love my soda! I cant afford to drink 150 calories everytime. So I bought Diet Dr Pepper and Diet Cherry Coke. Never had that before so I hope its good.

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On October 11, 2010
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Today was weigh in day. And I lost 6.6lbs!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes. I am really excited about that. I wanted to scream but my husband was asleep. It just means that everything Ive been doing has been working. Go me! It really does make me feel better and want to push myself even further knowing that I really can do this!

Hoping everyone is having an awesome day.

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On October 7, 2010
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Long Day

Went to my grandparents at 8:30am waited for them to get ready took them to the doctors, lunch, Walmart, Safeway. It was pretty good, the drive home was not so great for reasons that I wont mention because it will give me a headache.

At Walmart I picked up two 5lb weights, 3 resistance bands, 1 5lb ball, and the biggest loser fitness DVD. The last item was an impulse buy. I wasn’t really going to, but I sat there and looked at it and thought. Well I can at least try it. ¬†Some variety might do me some good.

I would really like to get to know a lot more of you so I’m going to login and chat on the forums

p.s. My husband told me he was proud of me. THAT made me feel good.

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On October 6, 2010
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I woke up pretty refreshed only a little tired. I also went to bed at 11pm instead of 2am with my husband. I didn’t feel guilty about it this time, just said I’m going to bed. He was too busy playing World of Warcraft with his friend from work so….. I really don’t think he cared lol.

My son is asleep and i’m about to go make breakfast so that when he wakes up He can just eat and not have to wait. But what should I make? Maybe I’ll go the oatmeal route.

I was really proud of myself all the exercise I did yesterday. Go me! Today….. Well thats another story.

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On October 5, 2010
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Frustration works?

I went out did 100 jumping jacks, 25 push ups , 30mins worth of floor exercises , 25 situps.  this is extra from what i did earlier today. I guess frustration works.

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So I got to do 15mins of rollerskating before the rain came down. I’m being pushed to eat 5¬†French¬†fries, I keep saying No i don’t want them. And then I now I feel guilty for not eating it but I gotta think. How much calories do those 5 BurgerKing¬†French¬†fries have in them? I am doing so good that I really don’t want to mess it up to eat DH French Fries that I really didn’t want in the first place.

Have any of you ever felt this way? Now i’m getting frustrated and I want to emotional eat, but I not going to. Maybe I’ll go work out. yeah… I think¬†thats¬†what i’m going to do. Be back Later.

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