HONK!! Of Encouragement 4/6/21

plussizepinup20 on Apr 6th 2012 08:44 am

Hi!!! its 4/6/12 && im 216.8 lbs :))) I’m so happy!! I even heard a HONK when I was taking my morning walk… 😉 back at work && the weight loss is still good!! no quite where I wanted to be but i’m happy…i have cheated some 🙁 but I try && make up for it with exercise… 16.8 lbs till i can see what  200lbs looks like :)))

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3/17/2012 (Strawberries)

plussizepinup20 on Mar 17th 2012 01:24 pm

Had a 2Hour speed walk at the beach with me and my friends…&& i’m really felling it today >>Afer doing INSANITY<<…walked this morning && weighed in at 224.6lbs that 1lb less than yesterday…24.6lbs till I can see what 200lbs looks like…I was at win-dixie the other day buying groceries…I had some Strawberries and I asked the cashier did they look okay…she said “yes,because i’m so hungry” I told her she could have a few if she wanted and it shocked it…she said “you would do that for me” I said yes Maam” she told me I was gonna be a very happy and rich person one day :)) she mad my day && hopefully one day I will be rich & famous && get her a nice house with a big strawberrie field…I have 6more days off :0 Then ill be back to work :))

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3/16/2011( My prayer was Answered)

plussizepinup20 on Mar 16th 2012 10:09 am

Walking on the beach was great!!! I had so much fun!! I was talking to my friends about getting a personal trainer….after the beach run we went to the Gym…and i seen an ol friend 50lbs lighter….instantly she was like girl i’ll be like your personal trainer && get the weight off you in half the time….she is so motavating…she said “I can only tell you what to do, you have to do it” && jus think when you loose the weight youll be so happy…I’m ready i weighed in today at 225.6 lbs yesterday I was 227.6 that 2lbs :)) I’m so excited!!! to be 210 by April 1st I need to lose at least 1lb a day…I’m ready

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3/15/2012 (FUEL)

plussizepinup20 on Mar 15th 2012 09:25 am

I weighted in at 227.6lbs :)) I was happy…I’m ready to see what 200lbs looks like on me only 27.6lbs to go :)) also 17 more days till April 1st :)) by then I wish to be 215  that means i need to lose 12lbs in 17 days…I know ill have to push myself hard && pray hard…I just have to remember to take this day by day….

Running on the beach was way harder than i thought so we ended up walking on the beach then when to my local gym with some friends and sat in a sauna for about 30min it was nice….I just finished my early morning walk…but all that exercise yesterday has me so beat!!! lol so ill probably take a 40min nap && get up and the ride the bike for a while…

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3/14/2012 (INSANITY ;))

plussizepinup20 on Mar 14th 2012 10:51 am

DAY 2 I WEIGHED IN AT 229.2 LBS ;D i passed the 230 hump!! I got INSANITY today I am excited I’m making my friends do it with me ;b I am also going running on the beach today around 8 when my friends gets off work…I started a youtube chanel also im a little scare to post my face but oh well it wont be big for long…I’m looking at bathing suits while i rest my mom walks past && says i hope you dont think i’m letting you wear stuff like that when you lose this weight lol…my goal is to be 10lbs lighter by April 1st (No joke) that would put me at 219.2lbs i can do better than that by April 1st I would like to be 215lbs<<<< Taking this day by day…&& every chance i get i look at something motavational like clothes or youtube videos or anything….well im about to Hop on this bike && ride The piics I have shown are for motavation purposes…who knows these could be my SUMMER SWIM SUITS :))

LIVE.LAUGH.LOVE The rest will fall into place

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March 13,2012 2:09pm (Life As I Know It)

plussizepinup20 on Mar 13th 2012 11:25 am

More about me && why I even want to go thur this Journey….I have been big all my life!! I remeber being young && going to the Dr. Stepping on the scale && thinking I’ll never let myself get over 200lbs I was then 198 or so (sitting in today at 231.2) But I did && I got depressed very depressed things didnt fit right I no longer wanted to go out I began to brush friends off and maybe its just the cancer( My zodiac sign) in me but then again maybe its more…so my Diet is basically Baked chicken, Various fruit LOTS of water && exercising not to over do it tho…I am taking the hcg drops I have done it before withe success now I’m back && on Full Effect I was a my heavest 257<<SAD I finally got to 247<<<a little better 237<<<progress 231.2<<<Today! to some its not a lot to me its a size 14 from a once 18 then  16 now a 14…I didnt think I would like this but I am starting to even  if no one reads or comments i’ll remember this…My ultimate goals in life are to School i was in college Now i’m not I have 2 great Jobs && im sad to say it but im comfortable with them I make good && get great hours but I think its time for a 360 change guess we will see with the days to come…Oh did I mention Las Vegas for my 21st 😀 planning it now also shopping is my motivation 2 weeks before my bday && just Splurge on clothes I wanna dress Diffrent be diffrent for the better…Its hard being plus size && loving it but knowing that want you ultimately wanna do in life you have to be skinny to get there…Thats what its gonna be ME and my Struggle I’m ready to face THis Beast~~~

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plussizepinup20 on Mar 13th 2012 10:30 am

Hi all I am  20 years of age and i am curretly on a journey to loose my not so better half….i’m a hard worker determined && ready for the life style change…I am currently  trying the HCG diet it has worked for me so far as long as I follow the Diet( A word I so dislike) Drinking water by the gallon walking 45min-1hour a day riding bike…would like to lose some extra weight and join a gym but i wanted to focus on the weigh loss first MY MOTIVATION SONG<<<>>>> http://youtu.be/7P9kVNvwkLQ<<<<<>>>>> I am currently 231.2 lbs I would like to be 180lbs by JUly 51.2 lbs I was thinking about buying a pole to exercise with I thought it woud be something fun today is the day 118 days till im 21 && i cant wait to see how much i have changed…


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