Figuring It Out

It’s strange…This retirement thing.  I’m still trying to figure it out. 

It didn’t really matter much during the summer because I’m off anyway.  But school started back for teachers last Friday and they’re still at it today.  Tomorrow will be the first day back for students and I’m sure all the teachers are tied up in meetings and planning lessons, putting the finishing touches on bulletin boards and seating arrangements and printing out syllabi.

Me?  I got up and logged onto Facebook, drank my coffee and read the latest posts from friends and family.  I played my games for a while and then took my coffee out to the patio.  Filled the birdfeeders and fed the koi. I came back in and called little sister and chatted with her for a few minutes.  Tried to call Mom but she was in physical therapy.  She’s finally starting to work at getting better.  She kind of did an about face after I went to see her a week ago.  I got her out of bed and wheeled her out to the patio at the nursing home.  Prepared a couple of her favorite things for lunch and she tried to eat.  Little sister picked her up a couple of days after that and took her to her home for a couple of hours.  She did pretty well when she got home and I think it may have given her the motivation to get better so she could go home permanently.  She started doing her therapy and was transferred to a rehab center.  Their goal is to get her to function at home.  I’ll probably have to go stay with her for the first few days after she goes home but, at least, she’s now working at getting better and we’re all relieved.  For a while, she just plain gave up and wouldn’t do anything.

The house is sooooo quiet.  DH is at work and the twins are still asleep.  DS is at work.  I thought about dinner.  Maybe I’ll make Thai Noodle Salad.  I have some leftover chicken breast from last night’s dinner.

DS fixed the flat tire on my bicycle so I might take it out for a spin today.  I’ve thought about going ahead and getting my pool laps done.  I’m aiming for 120 laps today. I lost another half pound at this morning’s weigh in.

Is this what it is?  This retirement thing?  I’m not used to having so many choices.  I guess I’ll tackle another heavy-duty house cleaning task today.  Maybe try to organize some stuff for the yard sale.  I’m just kind of un-focused on the future.  All I want to do is eat right and work out.  Get to feeling better and looking better.  And I guess that’s enough…..for now.


hankpanky says 20th August @ 13:31

I think dusting off your cobwebs and getting you mojo back is good enough for now. Later on, you’ll find all sorts of cool things to do from taking classes and learning new things, to volunteering; there will be great book clubs and walking tours and all sorts of fun, intellectual, and enjoyable things to keep you busy.
I had to laugh at your last post. I’m just awful with taking vitamins and just the other day, when I was at the drugstore, I saw the adult gummies and bought myself a bottle. So far, I’ve been taking my vitamins for a week–a world record with me!

tjnorth says 20th August @ 22:34

🙂 every woman I know who retired spent the first little while cleaning out closets!

laura705 says 21st August @ 12:01

You’re doing great and glad to hear your mother has had a positive change re her recovery. You’ll probably be so busy in retirement you might not know how you had time to work, lol.

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