And here are the facts:

  1. I stayed on track yesterday with calories and entered everything I ate on My Fitness. I consumed 1100 calories.  Not as much as I was supposed to but I guess it’s better to be under than over.
  2. I kept my hrm on for 24 hours and discovered that I burned 2,996 calories.  Kind of a nifty little bit of trivia.
  3. I did 50 laps in the pool.  45 of them jogging with 3 warmup and 2 cool down laps walking.
  4. I’ve lost 2.5 pounds since Saturday (or was it Friday?).  I’m sure most of it is water but it still feels pretty good.

Busy day today.  Ex DIL is supposed to come over and help me clean house.  Gotta run.  Have a wonderful day, ladies.


nicolemiller says 11th June @ 12:32

Looks like you’re doing good. Keep it up. I also like how you numbered things to keep your thoughts organized.

melody says 11th June @ 15:25

First….you’re really on a roll!!
Congrats on everything!
Secondly….I would like to thank you for sharing all the\is info.
ie: recipes, menus & shopping lists.
I think I printed out everything. 😀
Hope you have a wonderful day too!

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