I’m coming home.  I don’t belong in the Terrible Twos.  I should be firmly entrenched in Onederland.  I’ve lived there my entire life and I never should have strayed.  It’s terrible living here.  Aches and Pains and a total loss of confidence.  Ugly clothes and no energy whatsoever.  Why did I ever come here?

Oh wait…I remember.  I hitched a ride with doughnuts and french fries and anyone else who shot me a “come hither” look.  And I went.  I just jumped on board without a second thought.  I didn’t even drive.  Just sat back in my lazy boy and watched the scenery go by.  And now, I have to take the long walk back home.

I followed the path today.  Went to the pool determined to do 40 laps and then, when I got to 40, I pushed myself to 45.  See, that’s the thing, when you’re competing with yourself, you can always win.  No matter how far you go, you can take just a couple more steps.

I’m pushing.  Pushing my way back to Onederland.  We leave on vacation Friday and, when we get back, I’m coming home to Onederland and I’m never leaving again.

Dinner tonight is grilled pork loin, edamane salad and sauteed green beans with almonds and lemon juice.  Dessert is sugar free jello and sugar free Kool Whip.  Not too bad.


brseay says 28th June @ 22:16

Dinner sounds absolutely fabulous. I can’t wait for you to get back to where you feel comfortable so we can hear about the Barbie shoes and fabulous outfits from Coldwater Creek. I remember how good you felt about yourself and I know you can get yourself back to that place. There is still plenty of time before school starts–use new school clothes as motivation if that’s what works 🙂

tjnorth says 29th June @ 0:11

I know, I am hating the feeling of back fat and bulging out in all directions. How did this happen? I know exactly how it happened, giving in to the casual temptations, not thinking about where it all would lead…

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