Sunday Menu

Oatmeal with soy milk (160)

2 slices Pepperidge Farm 15 Grain Bread (240)
Sliced Turkey Breast (60)
1 slice Cheese (120)
4 grape tomatoes (10)


kt’s Mexican Chicken (300)
Brown Rice (200)
Wedge Salad with lettuce, fat free ranch, bacon bits, reduced fat blue cheese (100)

Total 1,160


fatnomo says 24th November @ 0:21

Hey miss Patty! How was kt’s chicken! We LOVE it. Actually had left overs rolled into an omelette this morning! Nice work on the low cal day! Keep up the good work!
I hope to get to do some catch up reading on your blog. I’m excited to be back!

islandgrl says 24th November @ 3:30

Sounds like you had a good day with your eating. It is hard to stay good and so easy to avoid the scale. But I can tell in my cloths that it is time to get serious again….

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