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S**t, FU** January 11, 2011

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So obviously I’m not happy. . I’m really really upset.
So yesterday I get off work I get home I turn on my work out video and me and Alexus (my 5 year old that just likes to work out with me ) .. Start doing my Biggest Loser Video. WE are about ohh I would say 3 minutes into it doing the warm up , all the sudden I hear a snap and I am in the most awful pain in the world and it drops me to my knees. My daughter runs and gets Joey , crying saying “mommys hurts mommy’s hurt”…
Just to rewind. I was in a car accident in August 2010. The accident was very severe. I totalled my car and the engine actually broke through the firewall and the dashboard went straight into my knees. nothing broken but I believe an acl tear. I don’t have insurance to go to the direct Dr. that I need to for this issue. Since it’s not broken the ER can only do so much. But needless to say. I am still in pain. It hurts from my ankle up to my ass cheak. Literally. …… so no more work out videos with my knee. The pain I take the risk of enduring is NOT worth it… so my new plan is to buy this elipitcal from my dad. Never been used $50 bucks. and start doing pilates and walking again. Those are things I like doing and it wont put any weight on my ankle like the work out videos do AND the pilates should REALLY help my knee until I can actually have it looked at. But something is not right because it has done this since August and the pain is getting worse. So obviously I am very upset about that. I was off to a great start and just so ready to do it. I had the perfect mindset and WANTED it so bad. But it’s ok. I have my plan and it’s better than nothing. So I’m trying not to let it get me side tracked of my real goals.
So last night I didn’t have my pasta because of the whole carb issue. So I had a turkey dog with ketchup, on a bun but whatever. lol . I had so many errands and stuff afterwards that I didnt even think about food when I got home , nor soda. GO ME!!!! so I stuck through it ALL DAY yesterday. FEELS AWESOME

So Today
Coffee and (1) Clementine
1/2 ramen noodles (forgot to make lunch this morning)
Baby Carrotts
Tuna and light mayo with W.W pasta

Sounds ooober good. Good luck Chicks.!!! work one out for me 🙁


2 Responses to “S**t, FU**”

  1. beerab Says:

    Ouch that sound painful- your car insurance didn’t cover medical?

    Losing weight is 80% diet so concentrate on that for sure. I still think you could add more veggies to your day also to help.

  2. debi Says:

    They did but not that much. they covered the er visit there because I was taken by ambulance.. and now that it’s exceeded no more for me 🙁

    And your right. thanks to your comment I went and got some veggies.. like carrots. I hate veggies but slowly and surely! 🙂 thanks hun good luck xoxoxoxoxo

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