January 31st, 2012 by morrigan

Finally going to the gym today 🙂
Breakfast: 2 eggs poached with jalepeno chipolte yogurt 200
Snack: banana 100
Lunch: Veggie soup 150
Snack: 4oz Almonds 650 (this is crazy, it was the tiniest tub)
Dinner: pork (250), refried beans (50), cottage cheese (50)
Total for the day 1450

No excercise. But all prepared for work tomorrow.

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202.4 Monday is a good day to start fresh

January 30th, 2012 by morrigan

Breakfast: 2 eggs (180), yogurt and veggies (50), creamer and sugar with coffee (50).
Lunch: veggie soup (150), banana (90),
Wine (120), porkchop (240), potatoe (150), salad and dressing (50), chips (200), dried pear (100)
1380 calories for the day
Gor home and had a granola bar (190) and a glass of milk (120)
Total for the day. 1690

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201.2 Again

January 29th, 2012 by morrigan

Breakfast: Kashi with milk (220), dried pears (120)
Snack: Veggies and hummus with tofu (200)
Lunch: tuna fish sandwhich (250) and leftover spaghetti (200)
I think that is it. It feels like I have been munching all day. Not as bad as I thought.
The I went to a party, had a few drinks, ate chips and cookies and cheese and crackers and generally have no idea about calories.  But I will try guessing and start fresh on Monday.

vodka and coconut/pinapple juice (250), cheese and cracker (400), chips and salsa (150), cookies and milk (590)


2260 total – my highest day since January 1st and it shows.

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200.8 don’t put garbanzo beans in your veggie soup

January 28th, 2012 by morrigan

It doesn’t make for very good taste.
The first few weeks I had veggie soup for lunch most days. Then came the garbanzo beans batch and it just sat in the fridge and my lunches were not nearly as good. I am back to white beans and herbes de provence. Much better and hopefully into onederland by Monday. Breakfast: 2 eggs and cottage cheese, creamer with coffee (90+90+50+40), veggie soup (100), veggie soup, (100), cracker (80), another cracker (50). Total so far. 600 Tufu stir fry (250), hummus and carrots (50), rum (240). 1140 so far going into dinner. Sometimes I image I will eat nothing for the day and lose weight really fast. I just don’t understand how that is humanly possible. I am always hungry.
Dinner: roasted eggplant and zucinni with meat sauce and salad (100+50+100)

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201.6 And no wine for the next 6.6 lbs

January 27th, 2012 by morrigan

My pocketbook will be heavier. And there will mostly likely be alot of the other type of whining.

Today: Breakfast: 2 eggs + cottate cheese + creamer and sugar (180+50+40+30)
Lunch: apple (100), soup like bowl (400),
Snack: Chicken (100), hummus (60), cracker (80)

So far today 1040. If I don’t have wine I may just stay within my calories.
+ Kashi with milk (200) for a 1240 total

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202.4 and a new resolution

January 26th, 2012 by morrigan

If something is keeping you from your goal.  Eliminate it.  This actually is what I always advise girlfriends when they have a loser boyfriend.  My loser boyfriend is wine.  I am quitting tomorrow until I get down to 195 and my next massage.  I really should quit today, but I have a staff party at a great Italian place to attend first.

Breakfast: cereal with milk (240), lunch banana, apple, salad with chicken (90+90+120)

Totally blew it and didn’t even count calories yesterday afternoon. 
Wine (280), mushrooms with garlic (100), meatballs (300), lasagna (400), cake (250)

Approximately 1800 calories for the day

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201.2 Again

January 25th, 2012 by morrigan

Probably would have done better if I hadn’t have thrown my own private party last night.
Fun night, but I need to add 400 calories to my 1800 I stated yestday. Oh well.

Today. Tuna (250), crackers (80), greek Yo (40), 2 eggs (180), cottage cheese (50), heel of bread (50), banana (90), Apple (80) = so far 820

This afternoon: Crackers (100), pretzels (30), hummus (200), wine (300) = 1450 and I haven’t had dinner yet.

Plan for dinner Salad (30), and stir fry (100) and cottage cheese (50). Total for the day. 1630

Then I had seconds.  1800 for the day

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201.2 same again

January 24th, 2012 by morrigan

Breakfast: veggies, egg, cottage cheese, and coffee (30+90+60+40)
Lunch: Blueberries (100), granola (250), yogurt (190) and a banana for snack (90)
This puts me at 850 when I get home from school
Wine (really good wine) (360)
Salad (50), crackers (90), meat sauce (250), bites of kid meals (200)
Total for the day 1800

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January 23rd, 2012 by morrigan

Only 6.2 lbs away from a massage I have been waiting over 9 months for. I can hardly stand it.
Going to have a steller week and try to get 1/2 way there.

Breakfast: 2 eggs (180), zuccinni sauteed in olive oil (50), creamer in my coffee (40).
Lunch: Stir fry veggies with tofu and peanut sauce (30+180+40)
Snack: pretzels, almonds, cheese, wine, crackers, apple slices (40+60+120+120+80+20)
Headed into dinner with 960 and just realized I haven’t counted my late night snack yesterday 190+80
So 1230 headed into dinner.

My plan for dinner is water, stir fry veggies, rice and peanut sauce (50+60+50) putting me at 1390 fpr the day. Seconds. 1490 for the day.

Thoughts: I lost a lot of weight once before (the freshman 15 turned into about a 60 lb gain through college and I lost almost all of it and kept it off till pregnancy). I did so by counting calories. And even though my old computer is dead I remember numbers pretty well (math major), so I can say (although age may now be a factor), that if I have 1200 calories I lost 3-5 lbs in a week. At 1400 I lost 2-3 lbs a week. At 1600 I lose 1-2 lbs a week. At 1800 I lose a lb every week or two. At 2000 I start to break even.

So at my skating party last week an neighbour I invited (who is also a personal trainer), while listening to my conversation with my cousin went off on me for only eating 1400 calories a week. I stopped her by lying and saying I didn’t actually write down everything and by the time I factor in wine, snacks and the kids leftovers it was closer to 2000. But that was only so I didn’t have to say what I really wanted to, like “what the bleep business of yours is it how much I eat? I realize she does this for a living, but having someone who has been underweight and overmuscled try to lecture me about trying to lose weight gets me rankled. I am trying to lose weight. And if I would prefer to do it 2-3 bls at a time instead of taking the next 5 years to get there—- now I am rambling. I guess I just would rather share my friends than get advice. Mostly it is hard to take advice on how to lose weight from someone who has never had a weight problem.

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201.4 Blue sky and powder

January 22nd, 2012 by morrigan

Breakfat: 2 eggs (180) with mushrooms, onions, tomato and cottage cheese (50), bread (50), creamer (40), and 2 handfuls of cereal (50). Breakfast total is 370
Kashi Heart to Heart (80), banana (80), rum and coke (120), tofu/veggie stir fry (200), wine (240)
going into dinner with 1090

Beautiful day on the hill.

Why I love Schweitzer Mountain
Blue sky reflecting off the lake even though you can’t quite see the sun.
Perfect soft bumps, so soft that if you roll across one your bad knee feels so cushioned it reminds you of the days when you still had a meniscus.
Off groomed that billows lightly for just a second and you breathe in powder and suddenly feel fifteen instead of forty-one.
Missing steep turns that tumble you head over heals but don’t hurt.
And thankfully, a nine year old boy that stops every once in awhile and waits for his mom, even though she can’t quite keep up.

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