Taking time


Today I will take the time out to meditate.
Doing it as soon as I post this.
Hours pass and then next thing I know it’s bedtime and no meditation!

The week was an OK one.
Did all my exercises.
Journaled on & off….lazy.
Food & water were both good.
There was room for improvement I will admit.
The scale did not move.

Face is looking good BUT……
I think if I stopped using the new stuff the flaking would begin again.
Something is wrong on the “inside”.
Maybe it really is the caffeine and meds.
Both have “drying” properties. Just a thought.
Dr said try olive oil & dipping bread or veggies in it.
Easy for him to say.
I can ‘t have raw veggies & bread is like a cork. ROFLMAO

I need to cook some food so I am not tempted during the week.
Sunday is a good cooking day.


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  1. Happy Saturday a little bit late. Or a little bit early, lol.

    How about rubbing the olive oil on your face? I’ve heard it can be a good moisturizer…not that I’ve ever tried it and if I did I’d probably just try it on my body, not my face.

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