Doctor Marc

Well the Dr was here.
Weight is 188 again. Up & down the same 1 lb.
And the jury is in…..
I have a long-term Gastro problem that might be forever.
So I am shopping & planning meals accordingly.
Pretty soon I’ll be the oldest Gerber baby alive 🙂
BP is still up a bit but he’s not overly concerned.
General health is excellent.
Big improvements in the last few months.
I can’t complain if he isn’t.

Not looking forward to this continued mushier bland diet.
But it’s easy to follow and a lot less cooking. LOL
There are just so man “DON’TS” with this plan.
Difficult to find foods that are tolerated.
I must try harder & of course cheat less!!

There will be NO adding back of trigger foods for a very long time. 🙁


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