A little R&R


The next time I take advice from a Dr about what constitutes dairy…
h e l l will freeze over first.
Yogurt is a dairy no matter how you slice or dice it.
A food that is not meant for me when I have been on Cipro. 🙁

Well the damage is done and today was spent doing nothing but
resting and trying to get over the ill effects that lasted all night and part of today.
What a waste of a quiet weekend……feeling crappy.

On a good note:
I did keep up with exercise, water and minding my own business.
The week went pretty well considering.
I got a lot done around the house.
Tons of shredding is finished.
The file cabinet is organized.
Old electronics have found new homes.
Another small box of clothes is given away.
Smiles are all around me.
The week was definitely not a total loss.

Scale is still in the 180’s.
No surprise there.
Looking forward to a Happy Sunday…..might be cooler. 🙂

wr 188 lbs.

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