Thought I would do a post about some of the specific foods that have kept me on track.  Without these foods, my food journal would look a little less healthy.


I think I have gone through five large potato sacks of grapefruit in the last two months.  It would probably be more if they weren’t so time consuming to slice up.  I do a fine sprinkling of sugar, to the point where it is still healthy.  

McCann’s Steel Cut Oats

Alone, they have a really nutty, richly creamy taste and texture.  But after I add butter and brown sugar, what is a beautiful blank canvas transforms into pure magic.  The only downside is the time it takes to cook, about 45 minutes all in all.  I have not tried the five-minute kind this brand makes because it is pretty hard to mess with near perfection.

Ginger root

About 11 years ago I began working at this really great orthobionomy/Reiki/yoga/health center, and I learned a lot.  A tip my boss shared with me was slicing little bits of ginger root up with a slice of lemon and adding that to my water.  I ate healthy and was well hydrated that whole summer.  I learned so much while there, but other than the free lentil meals they fed me every day at lunch and the 10 pounds I shed, this was another reason I loved working there.  These days I am too lazy to throw in the lemon.  Sometimes I chop up a bunch of ginger root and throw it in a strainer and drink it in hot tea form.  Once in a while with honey.  Loves it.

4 Responses to “Grapefruit, McCann’s Steel Cut Oats, and ginger root”

  1. velveteen Says:

    nice suggestions 🙂 I do love grapefruit, I guess I just get lazy and don’t want to bother cutting it up (considering I already cut up other things to prepare for meals, don’t know why this is an issue). I will put the others on my list to try.

    hope you are doing well – would be great to hear from you again 🙂

  2. mamaspank Says:

    Velveteen, I always enjoy seeing your pictures and reading your posts. How is your summer so far? I know what you mean about the food preparation being low priority. I just try to do a ton at one time, whether it is watermelon, grapefruit, celery, or lettuce for salads. I know how much easier it is to eat healthy if you open up the fridge and it is clean and glowing with the tint of clear Tupperware containers filled with a fresh, fruity, crispy cornucopia.

    I saw a great recipe of stuff to add to the steel cut oats from a Martha Stewart magazine. You just throw in dried apricots, cinnamon, ground flaxseed, toasted walnuts, and honey. Yum!

  3. moonfairy Says:

    I do that. Pieces of ginger in boiling water w/ honey for sweetener. I’ve never tried it combined with lemon though.

  4. mamaspank Says:

    Moonfairy, I honestly just use ginger root now — the lemon can be overpowering.

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