December 7th, 2008

Well, I have managed to stay at or below 145 pounds.  I am not really dieting and am definitely not exercising at the moment.  I have the baking bug — dutch babies, sugar cookies with homemade buttercream frosting, blondies, marshmallows, popcorn balls, roasted pecans, basically nothing healthy.  It’s been fun though.  I can’t wait until ball starts again.  I get a nasty case of seasonal depression and I know it’s bad if I feel this way before Christmas.


I am getting baby boy a 7.5 foot teepee for Christmas this year.  I would have loved a teepee.  Since I turned my office into a playroom for him, it will have its own home.  He is running and talking up a storm.  He talks to strangers, shampoo, oven mitts, furniture, our Christmas tree, my cat — everything.  He is so freaking cute!  I wish I could keep up with his energy better.  We try to go somewhere every day so as not to get cabin fever.  I spend a lot of time in Target, Costco, the mall.  On the weekends, we try to do fun things like go to farmer’s markets.  In October we hit the pumpkin patch.  I joined the YMCA, but it’s just seems like a hassle.  I feel really bad about taking him to the daycare — almost guilty.  He cries and cries and looks at me like I am abandoning him.  So I end up feeling so bad, my workout lasts 20 minutes and we leave or I won’t workout at all and we go to Starbucks.  Sucks.

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