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Here it is the beginning of March and the weather keeps going back and forth. One minute its almost 70 degrees out the next day they are calling for snow. How is anyone supposed to start walking with this mess going on. Yup I am ready to start walking again even though TOM is here right now. I am bloated and crabby and in need of some relief from my body.

I am still not weighing myself because I just don’t think its a good idea and it may depress me. So I continue to try not to eat late at night and stay away from junk and sodas. I want a pepsi so darn bad right now but I am not going to have it.

I just got some really nice beading wire to make some bracelets for my jewelry shop. I hope that some of you are interested. If not thats ok as well.

March 1st, 2012 at 6:19 am


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