today was awful

Today was awful.  I barely slept last, even with sleeping pills.  I could tell the interview went badly - so even if I get into the training program, that is one job I won’t be getting.  At the background check for the training didn’t have my social security card and they wouldn’t accept any alternatives (so I have to get another one ASAP) and I didn’t know the exact month I moved to a different city in 1995 so on Tuesday I somehow have to get to a Drs apt at 10, squeeze in a visit to the social security office and then be back to complete my background check by 2, all by bus at locations all over the damn city just to get into a training program where I will be washing sick people’s behinds for 9 dollars an hour.

I burst into tears after that stupid interview while in the waiting room.  I am never going to get a job and my family is going to be homeless because we can’t pay our stupid bills and it’s my fault.

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