The IP Road Warrior.

Week 2 Down!  I had my second weigh in on Tuesday and lost another 6.2lb!  Combined with my first weigh in last week, which I forgot to report on (8.8lb) – I am now down a total of 15lb since starting IP!  The loss also put me officially in onederland at a cool 199.  I didn’t tally the inches lost, but will remember to do that next time.  Which reminds minds me….

I’m a little nervous, the family is traveling to Tucson this weekend/week – we have a wedding weekend Fri-Sun, then I’ll stay until Wed alone for work.  I’m planning on bringing my IP food, and will have a mini-fridge, but with all the get togethers, events, & work lunches this is going to be my first real challenge!  Not to mention I’ll be skipping a week of weigh in!  I’ll be holding my breath for 2 weeks – and the scale at home is broken/unreliable so I will truly be in for a big surprise then!

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