Life gets busy and you loose weight.

lisha on Oct 12th 2012 09:53 am

Before and progress pictures. 265lbs and now 232lbs.

I have not posted for awhile. Life can get busy at times. I have continued on plan. I have upped my calories to be above my basic metobolic requirment. I am using a plan from My fitness Pal forums called In place of a Road Map.

I figured out my BMR as 1695 and a TDEE of 2400-2700. I am trying to eat. 1800-2000 calories a day. I am lifting weights/strenght training 3x a week for 60min with 30m of walking 1.6 miles. 3 days a week of walking 60min for 3.2miles. I have lost 32lbs so far since July 27, 2012.

I am so glad I took picture before/when I started this journey.

Before 265progress 232

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lisha on Aug 10th 2012 05:06 pm

I wanted to try a exercise class but was afraid.  I am overweight obviously.  So I choose Zumba Gold which is for beginners.  Perfect for me.  I went and missed many steps.  I did not know what I was doing but trudged on.  It was fun but kind of frustrating because I could not get all the steps.  It went fast. If this is fast I would hate to see what the regular class was like.  I worked up a good sweat.  I walked after about 1.8miles in 40min.  I think that was a mistake.  I was so tired after lunch I had to lay down on the couch.  Next week no treadmill.

I lost 2 more pounds yea. So that makes it 15lbs lost so far in 2 weeks.  Not bad and I Know this won’t keep up.

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I broke through. I am strong.

lisha on Aug 6th 2012 04:30 pm

I rejoined the Y today.  I was able to take my walk on the treadmill.  I walked for 45min and walked 2 miles.  The grade was 6-7.  I burned over 440 calories.  Yippee.  About 20min into my walk I wanted to stop really bad.  I was breathing hard, my legs hurt and I just wanted to quit because this is hard work.  I just kept telling myself “You are Strong, You are strong”.  I broke through that and was able to finish.  I felt so proud of myself for getting through that hurdle.  I did not give up.

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Hot Weekend

lisha on Aug 6th 2012 11:14 am

We had a yard sale on Saturday.  It turned out to be the hottest day since 2010.  I was not able to walk that day because of the heat.  I should have walked in the morning but we were setting up.  We went out to eat Friday/Saturday.  I was able to stay under Saturday but went over Friday for a total of 1600 calories.  My goal is 12-1500/day. So Sunday morning my weight was up a pound. Maybe not walking or increased salt.   I vowed to walk and watch my calories. Sunday we had a community picnic and I walked there and back twice.  So I got a 1.6 mile walk in a very very hot day.  I was very sweaty.  Good new today I lost he pound I had gained plus 2 more, so 3lbs lost.

My total lost since July 27 is 14lbs.  I will do like Dori and Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.

I am hopeful we can rejoin the YMCA this week.  I need to have someplace to exercise when it gets cooler and someplace safe I can leave my kids while I exercise.  I am going to buy new shoes for walking and eventually running.

I am happy.

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Just keep walking, walking walking.

lisha on Aug 1st 2012 02:06 pm

I walked 1 mile on Monday. It was a battle for the last quarter of the walk.  I walked 1.5 miles today and it was a battle for the last 10%.  I am seeing improvement.  Monday night my legs hurt so bad I took some ibuprophen. Hopefully that wont happen tonight.

I am thinking of joining the Y again.  I know we have been down this road before.  I just don’t think I was as focused before.  I was only exercising not watching what I ate.  I was not drinking enough water.  This time with all three I will be successful.

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Great day. First hurdle over and won

lisha on Aug 1st 2012 01:45 pm

Tuesday we went to meet my Dad, Niece and nephew in Tacoma.  We met for lunch and I was nervous about eating out.  My first meal out since starting this new eating style.  I looked online and found a Menu and nutrition listing for all meals. I was able to order healthy.  I only ate the 1/2 sandwich.  A yummy turkey melt.  I took the salad home and had it for dinner.  I was below my limit for the day.  I was not hungry.

We had a very nice time walking along the waterfront. Then we went to the glass museum.

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I did it one step at a time.

lisha on Jul 30th 2012 12:47 pm

While my youngest daughter was at a mini camp I walked today.  Well after I bought a pedometer.  I walked a mile before picking her up.  I did a 20min mile walking.  I have to admit it was hard.  At times I had to keep telling myself one step, one step. I was out of breath at the end but that ok.  Every journey starts with one step.  My journey to a healthier thinner me starts with one step.

I finally bought a battery for our scale.  I just never really wanted to know how much I weighed.  I was using the Wii fit scale but I don’t know how accurate that is.  Now I know.  I was 265 on Saturday before it died a final death.  Today I was 257. Not sure how accurate the first number was but I will start with it.  Now I have a scale and will check my progress.

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lisha on Jul 29th 2012 06:50 pm

Water seems to be my friend now.  I read that drinking 2 cups (16oz) of water before meals helps with weight loss.  I have found that drinking 16oz of water before I eat makes me less hungery.  This morning I was very hungry but after my water I was not as much.  Hopefully I am eating a balanced died and will loose this extra weight.  Tonight I think I might be hungry but I wonder if its just habit. So i am drinking more. I  bought some crystal light type powders.  This helps the blandness of tap water.

I think I have been very dehydrated for a long time.  I am hopeful that once my body equalized I will loose a lot of water weight and then get down to the real stuff.  I am just ready.

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Day one of a new me.

lisha on Jul 29th 2012 06:41 pm


Friday July 27 I started on a journey of change.  Changing my eating and activity.  I came to a point that I could not stand how I look. I do not think of myself as fat but pictures do not lie.  My pants getting bigger do not lie.  Having to buy in the BIG GIRL part of the store do not lie.

I decided to see how many calories I would need to eat to loose 1.5-2lbs a week.  I hope to loose more than that but I need to stay healthy.  So 1500 calories seems to be the number.  If I go under thats great but I do not want to go over that amount.

Exercise is a key also.  What is the old saying dont eat more than you burn.  Well I was not burning very  much on the couch. Motivation is going to be more difficult with exercise than with eating.  I will miss the twizzlers but not as much as I will resist getting off the couch.

I hope keeping this blog will help me stay motivated.  I am 265lbs right now. Unbelievable really how did this happen.  I was 132lbs when I met my husband 22 years ago.  I will never be that weight again.  I will be happy to be in the healthy BMI at 160lbs. 140 would be absolutely amazing.  So 160lbs is my goal right now.

We are planning a trip to Peru and the Galapagos next year.  I want to be in better shape and smaller in size by then.  I want to be able to walk without getting winded. I want to not sit cramped in a airline seat for hours on end with my hips being crushed. This is my goal. I may not make the 105lbs by then but hopefully I will put a good dent in it.

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