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insanity re-start March 3, 2014

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weight: 136

I started Insanity yesterday (again). I’m not sure if I’m going hardcore on it, though. My boyfriend wants to do T25, and since he’s moving in in mid April (ahhhhhhh!!!), that may be a better choice that I will follow through with. I’m really excited for him to move in with me. He is trying to lose weight, so I know that he will be motivated to work out with me and to eat healthy. But, I’m not just excited because we will hold each other accountable. I’m excited because I love him. I’m in love with him. I have a really good feeling about this, and I know that this is leading into the right direction. We’ve discussed it, and he’s said that he sees marriage and all that good stuff in our future, which is good coming from a guy who never saw himself going there again (he was almost engaged at one point many many years ago). I feel like I will be having some great experiences in the future, and I am beyond excited to experience them with him. :D