The Weekend is over and Monday is here.

Chinese New Year dinner party at my place on Saturday night. It was fun but I was surprised how tired I was afterwards. All the cleaning and prepping, I couldn’t even move. Is this normal for someone my age? OR is it because of my health condition?

Saturday morning, Lucy and I went on a long trail walk. SO nice to be outdoors.

Sunday afternoon. Lucy and I went on another trail walk. Reminder that I need to do it more. I had eaten a large meal at 3:30 so the walk helped “move things around” and made me feel better. I felt so gross afterwards. I had eaten a plate of leftovers from the party and had a 2nd piece of red velvet cake.

If the food is in the house, I want to eat it. If it’s sweet, I want to eat it. How do I break this addiction?