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almost done

Literally, I am almost done!   I am so fookin tired.   Well it is my sixth shift, and last shift until next Monday.  I can hardly wait.  I am so tired…

Even with these last three shifts only being 8 hours, I am still drained.  Not sleeping well and then of course we are busy as hell…and even if only 8 hours, still means I have to show up and be here!

The upside of the 8 hour shifts……I am able to run.  In fact I run 2 miles in the morning when I get off work and then again before I go to work.  I find that the running before work kinda gets me moving and groovin.  Running after work is a bit harder as I am tired and bitchy but I make myself and then feel all good about it, so it is an ok thing.

It is a good thing I am running a lot cause have not really been watching what has been going in my mouth.  Been on a bit of the Good & Plenty craze again.  I keep telling myself that for every handful of G&P it means more time out running….you know that old saying, “a minute on your lips, forever on your hips”   I think I am just going thru the junk food cause I am too tired to do anything else faze….

So have basically been living on cereal, skim milk, edamame and G & P lately.  Not a real balanced diet….course I could live on cereal and be happy forever.  My DH always has teased me about that, he says I can live without most things in life and be happy, but don’t ever take away my cereal…and he is right 🙂

So just to prove how beat I am, I get to work and my coworker and friend says to me, “tired tonight, eh Shannon?”  I said yes, does it show?   She said, “well maybe it wouldn’t if you had put makeup on BOTH eyes!”    WTF…..


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  1. Oh, my – that eye make-up malfunction just made me guffaw out loud. Good thing I hadn’t just swigged my coffee, which I am in the process of doing at this outrageously late hour (9:26 AM) because I was up at the hospital just about non-stop for the past three days and got home at 1:30 this morning after saying hello to my two new grandsons. Got a chance to see first-hand some of you (nurses) working long hours and still giving your patients (and their families) top notch care. Just thought I’d tell you, too, Shannon – because I know that you’re an awesome nurse, as well – what a difference it makes to worried folks to have talented and caring professionals taking care of our loved one(s). So thank you for being there when you’re needed the most. It’s really important to the rest of us!
    Big HUGS,

  2. Shannon, that was cute! Only putting make-up on one eye, oh you are a dear and {{{{{}}}}} here’s a big hug. Well done you! on keeping up with the running. I wish I could run, but I am terrible at it and with all the elliiptical and walking, my knees have been twinging. It’s okay to cut yourself a little slack with the G&P, but since you know it’s your weakness, I’m thinking once your sixth shift is done, you’ll go home, have a glorious sleep, a bath in your beautiful outdoor retreat, with white jasmine and (to quote Annie) wrinkly toes. Then when you feel human again, have a little ceremony and throw those G&P suckers in the bin!!!!!
    Oh, and one more thing….I second what Z. said about being truly grateful for nurses – for competant, caring professionals that you are.

  3. !!!!!!LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!

    Sweet girl – you really cracked me up!


    My cheeks are stretched to the max! LOve you!!!!

    Time to rest babygirl….

  4. Thanks for the big smile. Makeup on one eye! I’ve done the not matching socks more than once. But no one has pointed that out!

    I am so proud that you are still running. And jealous.

    Enjoy your rest. You deserve it!

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