Hey!!  I haven’t written in a LLLLLLLOOOOOOONNNNNGGGGGG time, but I thought I would add an update…  I am down to 226 now, hoping to get to 224 by the weekend…  I am losing right at 7 lbs a month, at this rate I should hit my goal weight by my 40th birthday which is next Sept.   I feel ok with that!!  My daughter will be a senior in high school, getting ready to start her life, and I will be getting ready to start my new life…  It’s all good…..

More later!!

Gotta new toy!!

I haven’t blogged for awhile, cause, I got a new toy!!  My husband got me a Bass guitar!!  I love it..  I have been practicing until my fingers are sore, I can play through 2 songs, one Puddle Of Mudd, the other Tom Petty!!  I feel accomplished, I start my lessons on Tues, I am so excited!!!

Now, lets talk about my eating plan….  I am still doin Atkins, although I have cheated a smidge here or there…  I am on a platue, i have been at 235 for a couple of weeks…  But I have indulged in a few beers, low carb, and a tiny piece of chocolate here or there…  So, platue to be expected, but never welcome!!  :0(

I need to get back on track, drop my carbs back down and DRINK WATER!!!  I don’t know why I can’t wrap my head around, drinking enough water and getting some exercise!!  I am completely unmotivated in those 2 areas!!  I know I would loose more and faster, just by adding those 2 concepts to my plan!!  :0(

Worst week

UUUUGGGGHHHHHH!!!  I am having a horrible week!!  Not with my eating but just in general!!  ;0(

Ok!! ZUMBA is NO joke!!

OMG!!!  I just attempted to do Zumba for the first time!!!  This is no joke sister, let me just tell you that within 5 minutes I was sweating and within 10 my calves felt like they would explode!!!!  Holy Moly!!!  I managed to do about 20 minutes before I had to stop!!!!   It was so much fun, and kinda eraotic, in a salsa dancing kinda way!!!  I can’t wait to try it again, this time I will do the whole 20 minute video…  I will continue with the 20 minute until I am not dieing and then I will accelerate to the 60!!!   Wow!!  Is all I have to say about it!!!!

Fickle Bitch!!

My scale is a fickle bitch!!  Yesterday she loved me…  Today 3 lbs heavier!!  I was taken aback, I have been feeling thinner…  Losing weight in your late 30’s is frustrating…  The last attempt I made at losing was in my late 20’s the weight just went down…  I didn’t have the ups and downs that I have now…  UUUUGGGGHHH!  I know it is my fault!!!  I was mowing yesterday, and went passed my beautiful Bartlett Pear tree..  The are sooo big this year because we have had alot of rain, so I plucked on off, and just chewed on it…  Mostly juice, but I am sure the carbs still count….   But 3 lbs!!  Damn pear!!  I guess I am gonna have to put out the word and get someone to come get these pears before I wreck my whole diet!

NO More Yo-YO??

Why do I call it, No More Yo-YO????

I do it everytime I loose weight, I reward my loss with food I know I shouldn’t eat!!!  We even talked about it, when we get to this weight, we will go eat at Shang-hi…  Our fav Chinese buffet, where we consuming a gazillion calories and enough carbs for a week and a half….  its the yo-yo!!!!   After careful consideration,  I have decided that I am  gonna reward myself for loss, but not the way I used too!!!!!  I am not making the traditional dinners during the holidays,this is my eating style for good!!  This is how I will have to live ALL the time, and will reward myself with smaller clothes and cuter shoes!!!  I think it only takes one cheat to throw me in to a tailspin of “why am I even bothering to try”  We are treating our plan like an allergy…  We are allergic to starchy carbs…  They give us weight gain, rosacea, Diabetes, high blood pressure, bloating, and fatigue!!!!  So we don’t even think about them anymore!!!!  We still eat very good, and planty…  Its different than what we used to eat but that is ok, it’s still really good food!!!  I don’t feel like I am eating cardboard and grass(as one of my clients calls her low cal diet plan)…  Every restaurant with the exception being fast food, lets you sub a salad for the starch, or veg, it’s all about the choices….  Ash and I were stuffed yesterday off grilled chicken and a salad, from buffalo wild wings..  YUM!!

I am the kind of person, that at every restaurant I eat at I order the same thing every time…  So, why not find something I like that fits my plan, and order it, just like I would with the other stuff I used to eat….  That was the way I ate then, this is the way I eat now…  I am calling it a style of eating, more than a diet!!

Good luck, with your eating style!! It’s not a diet, it’s just the way we eat!!!


Today is my fav day of the week…  Not only because I get to go to Church, but also because, for whatever reason, I always weigh the least on Sun.   Today is no different, I weighed 238.8 this morning!!!!!   YAY!!!!  I am so excited, another lb gone and into a new 10 lbs…  Now I am in the 230’s, I am so happy about that…  I would really like to be close to oneunderland by my birthday the end of September!!!!  I must get super strict on this plan and start doin ZUMBA..  My video’s are suppose to be her on the 29th!!  I sure hope it is as fun as they say, and works like they say!!!  I will let ya know!!


Ok, so I did not break the 240 mark today, but…  I was 240.2, and felt a little bloated…  So, I took one of my water pills, and will try, try again tomorrow!!


Ok today is Sat, July 24..  Time seems to be flying by so fast I can’t believe we have been doin this for almost 3 months!!  I would say we are working on a lifestyle!!  I don’t even miss the starches, except for the occasional piece of candy!!!  Oh how I love candy…  I ate one resses cup yesterday!!  It was sooo good, had 9 carbs, not bad, I would think a little protein with the peanut butter(ok, yes, I am trying to justify)..  I am still holding at 20 lbs, but i can tell I am getting smaller!!!   I SAT INDIAN STYLE LAST NIGHT!!!!  I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t even have to wedge my legs that way, they stayed…  My leg cross is getting easier as well!!!  I cross my legs, like a man would, cause my legs are too fat to cross like a girl!!!  How about that!!!  I can cross my legs like a girl!!!!  YAY!!!  I have also noticed that my sex drive is coming back!!!  I LOVE my husband and have always thought he is HOWT!!!  But, for the last few years I could take or leave sex, well, now I feel like I just want to take it!!!  I did not realize that crossing the 240 mark for me, in weight, made me practically ASEXUAL!!!  I have not been “in the mood” for a very long time now!!!  My poor hub had just gotten used to it, he is SOOOO great!!!  He has never made one bad remark about the way I look, and has even encouraged me to embrace my body, what ever shape it is in!!!  So this morning, I hope that when I get on that scale it says….  239!!!

20 lbs down!!

Ok, today I hit the 20 lb mark!!  Yee haw!!  I then went immediately to my closet where I have the smallest pair of pants I own, a 20, but a small 20…  7 weeks ago I couldn’t even think of buttoning them…  today, no prob!!  Guess what I am wearing to church on Sunday!!!  Hahahahahahahaaha!!!  Today I am empowered, feeling refreshed!! I have to say that to make the scale move again, I had to really cut back, not only on my portions, but on my carbs, and I wasn’t eating alot of them..  20-30 a day, but I have been closer to 15 the past few days, and the scale finally moved!!!!!!!  Now if my ZUMBA would come, I think I am feeling thin enough now to start exercising, without injury!!! :0D  Today is a good day!!