Be more aware of the body-effect that the food will provide.

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I responded on my FB page about my senior picture that i posted. A friend complimented me that I look better now. My response….

I am smaller now than when in high school. Pretty crazy it took me 30+ years to do it. I really put my body through a lot, emotionally and physically.  The torment, etc of growing up over weight is just horrible.  I truly wouldn’t wish it on anyone: being left out, not having invites, being uncomfortable in desks, not being able to wear the “in” clothes…. The list could go on and on.  Now when I see a child overweight I want to just talk to them and tell them to do it while they are young to not miss out on life and opportunities.  I am so thankful to have a second chance and a new beginning, ready to face the world and not hide away.

Now it makes me sad, so very sad, to reflect on my missed years of life and living that was restricted by the permanent “fat suit” that I wore.  It was my shield and protector at the time.  I hid behind, or in there, but who or why was I hiding? I don’t know and at this point it doesn’t really matter because it can’t be changed.  The youth of today have even more struggles than I did I think, not with just the social aspect of the results of being heavy but the temptations available and put in front of them/us today.

Its better late than never!

It isn’t fair that I don’t get to eat what everyone else eats. Does it make me mad? Absolutely! Did I use to eat all that “stuff”? Well… absolutely.  Did it produce an outcome, or shall we say side-effect, or even better a body-effect, that I didn’t want? Again I say… Absolutely!  Externally everyone could see what was going on but internally, in private, no one really knows what it does to your mind, your self worth, your self value unless you too are, or were, overweight.  Keep n mind when I say overweight, for my situation I pretty much could say that I was 200 pounds overweight.  I will hope to hit the scales one day with a solid 200 pounds gone, if my body allows it o happen.

So now what can we do for these children suffering with weight issues today? Cheap food is usually eaten for economical and time efficiency purposes, running through the drive thru somewhere, grabbing whatever will fill the void the fastest, not considering the long term body-effect.  I like that term! I will continue to use that.  We can look at the body-effect of fast foods, prepackaged foods, etc versus eating healthy-fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and minimal, non refined grains. The body-effect of making the fast choice is excess weight gain possibly, but then look internally what damage it could do with your heart, blood sugar, etc. not to mention the issues that could arise with joints and so on.  Now on the positive body-effect of making the healthier choices, you could experience weight loss, decreased levels of cholesterol, blood sugar, pain on joints and general overall feeling of goodness and health.

My new term…. Body-effect.  I like it! It says a lot.  Now, before eating I will personally try to be more aware of the body-effect that the food will provide.  Will it be a healthy choice for the body-effect that I want?  Absolutely!

On a personal note, I have been struggling. Writing helps me a lot.  If anyone reads it or not, it helps me.  The body-effect is great for me emotionally to release and share my thoughts.  I hope that someone, anyone, that might read my words will be helped through bringing awareness or thought to their own body.  Only you can do it for your body.  I am doing it for me!

if you follow me please feel free to respond.  Also I am now trying to post daily on my Facebook group Heather’s Healthy Habits, including what i eat at each meal, sometimes with pictures and recipes.  Just request to be my friend- Heather Shelton Gum or message me to be added to the group.


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