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25 Mar, 2012

Depressing rant. . .

Posted by: sgregg In: Life ramblings

I was unsuccessful this weekend.  It’s 9:21pm and I feel like poo because I’ve eaten crap all day.  You are what you eat, I suppose.  When will I learn from this?  When will I be able to fight my addiction to food?  Why do we constantly do this to ourselves when we know how it’s going to make us feel later?  Is this how it is for a drug addict that feels bad about doing drugs?  It has to be very similar.  I have never been addicted to drugs, but I am addicted to food and I know I love it when I’m eating it, but then I feel horrible afterwards.  I just want to be able to get over that.  I want to experience different joy in my life besides that chocolate chip cookie.  Why do I make it matter so much?  It’s just a dang cookie.

Anyway, sorry about that.  I just had to get it out.  I know tomorrow is a new day and I’ll be fine, but today is today and I needed to finally admit it to myself.  How do you finally get to the point to where food is just a fuel and not a comfort?

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